For the first time ever, using a unique spot-to-search attribution approach, it’s now possible with ITV’s new TV Auction Boost to quantify the impact of linear TV advertising on any brand’s paid search campaigns.

How it works

For many years, marketeers have suspected that TV advertising has benefited their paid search campaigns - but it’s been very difficult to accurately measure this effect.

This is where ITV’s new TV Auction Boost tool can help. Working with leading search specialists ‘Percept’, ITV has developed an innovative spot-to-search attribution methodology to quantify this relationship for any brand.

By looking back at historical TV and paid search campaigns, TV Auction Boost can identify the positive impact of linear TV advertising (for all channels) on key paid search metrics like: cost-per-click, click through rate, and impressions delivered.

Key Benefits

  • All Channels - Covering all linear advertising on all channels, not just for ITV

  • Simple Set-Up - Easy integration means no significant set-up for clients or agencies

  • Fast Turnaround - Detailed results can be achieved in as little as 6-weeks

  • Actionable Insights - Identify which types of paid search campaign respond most to your linear TV advertising

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