AdLabs Product is all about addressable pilots, activated via Planet V. We've got Data Match, Weather Targeting and Automated Contextual Targeting, which are ready for you to test and learn with us right now. We've also got lots of products in the pipeline so get in touch if you want to find out more, or if you have ideas of your own. 

New Product launch

AdLabs launches its newest ITVX product Diverse Audience Booster,

which uses BARB data to find contextual ITVX shows that deliver audiences of colour.

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Tap into the power of ACT for effective TV advertising.

  • Target more receptive audiences
  • Use cutting edge AI technology
  • Find smart new programme contexts for your brand

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Addressable VOD campaigns for FMCG advertisers.

  • Utilise first party data from Tesco and Boots
  • Activate and track campaigns on demand via Planet V
  • Accurately measure multiple unique KPIs

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Bring your first-party data for insights, measurement and targeting.

  • Robust customer insights on your customer's behaviour across ITVX to power your wider planning
  • Target new customers by suppressing existing customers, target your existing customers to cross-sell and up-sell and create lookalikes or exclude your existing customers for maximum reach
  • Feed your data back into Infosum for post-exposure customer action measurement

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Go live the moment your chosen weather criteria is met in the local region.

  • The weather API is refreshed minute-by-minute for every ITV micro region sjakdcnaskjdcmakdcmadca
  • This targeting uses yes/ no decisioning to target only when the weather criteria is met, meaning there's no wastage dfhoiafgkojfaewfsdsdsdsdcsdcsdcscssacksdxdscdcscdscdsdc
  • Weather is the second largest influencer on consumer behaviour; you can target real-time behaviour

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