The People's Ad Break reveals winning ads

ITV Commercial unveiled the five winners of its competition The People’s Ad Break, which invited ITV Viewers to recreate and star in their very own commercial.

Collaborating with commercial brands Aldi, Haribo, Honda, Walkers and Weetabix, ITV dedicated a televised spot to the winning ads on Saturday 23rd May, during Britain’s Got Talent.

After receiving hundreds of entries, the ads deemed to be the best replicas of the original brand concept will this weekend be declared the winning submissions.

Links to the winning ads went live on on Saturday 23rd May.


Winning ad by Arfa Boydell (name of dog) from Cornwall

Sean McGinty, Marketing Director at Aldi UK, said: “We have been delighted and very impressed to see the creativity demonstrated by the ITV audience in recreating our ads. The nation has always shown a great love of the iconic Like Brands TV spots and the response to this initiative has shown that this love lives on. At Aldi, we are committed to keeping prices low to ensure our customers, like Afra the dog, have access to good quality food every day, and it was great to see this sentiment reflected by the entries received.”

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video time: video title: Original


Winning ad by The Berry's and Mayers' in Chester and Pontefract

Hayley Nixon, Marketing Manager at HARIBO UK, “Our ads are fun, light-hearted and whatever your age they always raise a smile. We’re thrilled that the winning entry captured all of this and more. It is a fantastic take on our Boardroom ad with added creativity that makes it hugely relevant to today’s working conditions.”

haribo gold bears boardroom starmix large 2
video time: video title: Original


Winning ad by Charlie and Rosie from London)

Jean-Marc Streng, President of Honda UK, “This new version of our iconic Cog advert captures part of the Honda philosophy: the joy of creating.  They have clearly had a fantastic time using their power of dreams to come up with it, not only do I thoroughly appreciate the attention to detail with the framed photo of the Honda scooter in the background, the voiceover from the original advert and the finishing on the Honda logo; but I have to say I am particularly relieved they have not cut up their own car to get to the end result!  It is a triumph!”

video time: video title: Original


Winning ad by The James family, and friends, from South Leicestershire

Will Robinson, Marketing Lead at Walkers comments: At Walkers we always enjoy making our ads, and were delighted to see how much fun the British public had in re-creating our ‘Snacks Stash’ ad. The original ad is based on the insight that two-thirds of Brits hide their favourite snacks to avoid sharing them.  The winning entry is a brilliant new take on this, which shows how people might be finding new and creative ways to hide their favourite snacks during the current lockdown!”

Walkers Family 701x394
video time: video title: Original


Winning ad by The Turner family from Hertfordshire

Francesca Theokli, Marketing Director, Weetabix Food Company, said: “At the core of all Weetabix advertising is light-hearted humour and a British charm, and this entry ticked all the boxes! We were bowled over by the brilliance of the Turner family’s home-crafted rendition of our Submarine advert. Who needs a Royal Navy Submarine when you have creative minds and a bit of imagination! We’d like to thank everyone who submitted an entry, the standard was extremely high and the next-generation of British advertising is certainly in safe hands.”

JPNS 120220 weetabix sub
video time: video title: Original

All of the user generated ad submissions were judged by an industry expert panel consisting of ITV Creative Executive Director Tony Pipes, ITV Creative Head of Production Katie Burrows, ITV Director of Client Strategy and Planning Kate Waters, MullenLowe Group Executive Creative Director Mark Elwood and System1 Chief Innovation Officer Orlando Wood.

All of the panel were bowled over by the strength of creativity, initiative and resourcefulness in all the entries. Our winning ads all captured the spirit of the original versions perfectly and we now look forward to watching the winning entries shine in The People’s Ad Break on Saturday night. ITV Director of Client Strategy and Planning Kate Waters

Relive The People's Ad Break here

Screen Shot 2020 05 04 at 10.03.33
video time: video title: The People's Ad Break

What did our viewers think of The People's Ad Break?

  • "Yes I did recall seeing the People's Add break and I thought it was a good idea. It also made me proud to be watching ITV which is wanting to say thanks to brands rather than other sides who are not!"

  • "Liked the people's ad break . Different and fun. The brands involved showed a caring side letting the public get involved with their adverts."

  • "People's ad break was fun and the Honda one very entertaining."

  • "I loved the people's ad break, really made me smile. Huge well done to all those involved."

  • "The People's Ad Break, was fabulous. Some really good work there!"

Brands Weetabix, Honda, Haribo and Walkers all experienced an immediate spike in search activity during The People's Ad Break.

What did they feel when they watched The People's Ad Break?


  • Arresting

  • Interesting

  • Involving

  • Refreshing

  • Special

  • Authentic

  • Warm

  • Fun

  • Light-hearted

  • For everyone

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