ITV2 is one of the nation’s most loved and most watched digital channels (only second to ITV3!) and to put it simply, it just makes life more colourful. Showing programmes that are outrageously entertaining and have a playful twist including new films, great comedy and drama to escape into. There’s always room to play and have a laugh on ITV2.

Shows include familiar formats with a fresh twist like Tricked as well as homegrown comedies such as Cockroaches, The Job Lot and the multi-award-winning, Plebs.

We are also well chuffed to welcome in the Seth McFarlane family with American Dad, The Cleveland Show and never before seen, spanking-new Bordertown premiering on ITV2 in the New Year. 

The channel has a strong presence online where viewers catch up and also on social media networks, with over half a million followers on Twitter.

Channel Highlights

ITV2 is one of the most watched digital channels

ITV2 is the 2nd biggest digital channel for 16-34 Adults

It reaches 35% of all Adults in the UK every week

That’s 17.1m Adults and 4.9m 16-34 Adults

ITV2 has reached more Individuals than any other non-terrestrial channel so far this year

ITV2 has attracted over 1m tweets so far this year!

  • 1.6m The Keith Lemon Sketch Show launched in February with 1.6m viewers, making it the biggest digital launch on any channel this year.

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