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TV remains at the heart of popular culture, and is the only media that can truly unite the nation. Through entertainment, education and news, TV is the perfect platform to tell your brand’s story. Reaching practically everyone, every week, TV gets you noticed. 


When it comes to return on investment, TV advertising wins every time. There are many different ways to advertise - whatever your goal, we’ll make sure your message is brought to life in a memorable way.

We offer anything between multiple five to 120-second ad spots and even full break takeovers! There are also other options such as teleshopping if you’d prefer 30 minutes to tell your story.

There’s more than one way to get seen on ITV, you can choose from:

  • Commercial break advertising, where your ad campaign can be anything from five to 120 seconds long

  • Creative breaks, where brands can take over entire ad breaks to really capture the nation's attention

  • Reactive breaks, where parts of the ad's creative can be changed moments before it’s aired to respond to live events

  • Teleshopping advertising, where your story can be shared in a 30-minute segment


Whatever you choose, we’ll work with you to make sure your campaign is delivered at a scale that suits you.

95% Of commercial shows which attract 5m+ viewers are on ITV

913 Of the top 1k commercial programmes are on ITV

64% Of TV viewers are reached by ITV in a week

38.5m People are reached by ITV in a week

Example ITV Advertising Costs from Jun 2021

Cost for one transmission – split by region


Region 11:00 This Morning-Daytime 18:45 Early Evening News 19:30 Coronation Street 19:15 Masked Singer 23:05 Late Night Movie
Anglia £310 £1,425 £2,044 £3,562 £62
Meridian £716 £3,150 £4,105 £5,442 £382
London £2,008 £5,433 £6,495 £12,873 £827
Central £1,126 £3,717 £5,068 £6,476 £788
Ulster £163 £485 £654 £637 £44
West Country £168 £329 £443 £665 £13
Scotland £491 £2,037 £3,019 £2,995 £221
Granada £815 £3,510 £4,892 £3,970 £319
Border £72 £220 £189 £228 £6
Yorkshire £420 £1,311 £2,386 £2,334 £184
Tyne Tees £161 £713 £1,449 £1,357 £46
Wales £249 £761 £1,185 £1,668 £88
West £123​​ £399 £685 £1,115 £20
Total £6,822 £23,490 £32,614 £43,322 £3,000

The above costs have been calculated based on the assumptions below: 

  • ITV main channel rate card for January 2022 (issued 20th December 2021)

  • 30" second advert

  • The ratings are based on an average across the whole of January

  • All costs are versus Adults - however, we would reserve the right to trade certain programmes vs a more efficient audience

ITV Advance Booking Deadlines 2022 

We’re ending all charges for bookings made after AB deadlines, up to the month of transmission. If you’re an advertiser wanting to stick to your original AB deadline you can continue to do so, and you’ll hold on to all your original benefits, according to your deal: whether that’s agreed dayparts, centre breaks (CBs), position in breaks (PIBs), Pick Your Own (PYO) programme selection and any agreed discounts. The exception to this is contracts which state that schedules are delivered 10 days before the month of transmission.

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