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TV remains the most important media type in people’s lives – after all, it has the power to divide and unite a nation like nothing else. And with our commercial advertising options, you have the chance to be a part of it.

There’s more than one way to do it. You can opt for:

  • Commercial break advertising, where your ad campaign can be anything from five to 120 seconds long

  • Creative breaks, where brands can take over entire ad breaks to really hammer a message home

  • Reactive breaks, where parts of the ad's creative can be changed moments before it’s aired to respond to live events

  • Teleshopping advertising, where your story can be shared in a 30-minute segment

Whatever you choose, we’ll work with you to make sure your campaign is delivered at a scale that suits you.

95% Of commercial shows which attract 5m+ viewers are on ITV

913 Of the top 1k commercial programmes are on ITV

64% Of TV viewers are reached by ITV a week

38.5m People are reached by ITV a week

ITV Advance Booking Deadlines 2019/ 2020

February 27th November 2018
March 8th January 2019
April 26th January 2019
May 26th February 2019
June 26th March 2019
July 30th April 2019
August 28th May 2019
September 2nd July 2019
October 30th July 2019
November 27th August 2019
December 24th September 2019
January  29th October 2019
February 26th November 2019

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