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There has never been a better time to advertise on TV, whether it's alongside our inspirational cooking shows, travel documentaries, or investigative crime series there is something for everyone, and everywhere.

At ITV, we pride ourselves in a diverse menu of TV channels and programmes, so we’re confident we can find the right programme for your target audience. 

What is a commercial break ad?

A traditional TV advertising campaign can be anything from five seconds to two minutes. Typically there are two types of TV adverts or breaks, so we’ll keep it simple for you:


Creative breaks

Designed for special occasions, creative breaks allow advertisers to take over an entire ad break in unique ways to promote a certain issue or event. A recent example included Aldi partnering with brands like Microsoft, Gaviscon, and Nurofen to take over a Coronation Street ad break to mark Deaf Awareness Week where all the ads were signed.

Reactive breaks

Another tactic is reactive breaks, which enable you to change the creative moments before it’s aired to respond to live events. A memorable example included the Territorial Army (TA) launching 21 different live ads, each broadcast from Afghanistan. However, we're open to any brief and our in-house partnership strategy team will craft a campaign based on your specific objective.

Why advertise on TV with ITV?

Tell us where in the UK you want to reach with your commercial break campaign and we’ll do the rest. ITV are the only broadcaster to give advertisers the power to target consumers on a national, macro, regional, and micro-regional level, so you can buy TV advertising that reaches the right people in the right places. If you’re looking to dig a little deeper, we can target other demographics such as age and interests too.

Not only that, you can also use our ITV creative team to support your TV advertising campaign or we’d be happy to work with your advertising agency to create that perfect ad, for you. 

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I’m new to TV. How do I create a targeted TV campaign?

Sometimes, you don’t need or want to connect with the whole nation. For those times, we have a unique offering which allows you to intelligently target smaller areas to make your budget work really hard, whatever its size.

Discover more about regional advertising TV below.

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Does TV advertising work?

Of course it does. If you’re looking to achieve brand fame and drive growth, then TV advertising with ITV will be the right opportunity for you.

If you’re still thinking about the cost of TV advertising in the UK, or want to know more about our tv advertising schedule then get in touch with our team on itvcommercial@itv.com.


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