ITVX is the UK’s freshest new streaming service

ITVX is an entirely new streaming service, underpinned by a significantly enhanced data capability and packed with 10,000 hours of content. There will be something for everyone on ITVX, with more fresh new content dropping every week than any other UK video on demand platform. All for free.

35.5m ITVX has 35.5 million registered users

1.1b More than 1.1 billion requests

6.3m ITVX has 6.3 million registered users 16-24 years

10,000 ITVX has 10,000 hours of free content

What is VOD advertising?

Broadcaster VOD advertising is a great way to target your chosen audience with relevant content as they tune in to watch high quality content on a trusted platform. This premium advertising environment also allows advertisers to have a conversation with viewers without needing the budget of an on-air TV campaign. When it comes to the VOD advertising market, numbers are important so here are a few to help you understand where broadcaster VOD sits across video consumption:

  • In 2021, Broadcaster VOD accounted for 10% of total broadcaster TV viewing and 26% for 16-34s.

  • 77% of BVOD is watched on a TV set and 44.6% of all adults watch BVOD on a TV set each week.

The numbers speak for themselves, VOD advertising has the power to make your brand famous.

ITVX targeting

Why not choose the UK’s biggest commercial VOD service to start your VOD advertising campaign to the nation? With 35 million registered users across platforms (connected tv, mobile, iPad and desktop), we’ve got the audience you’re after.

Whether it's on the bus, during a lunch break or in the living room, ITVX is helping people to watch more of the TV they love.

Target with precision

There are various ways you can use ITVX to target your chosen audience and build a bigger picture of who they are and what they like:

Extending Linear

Complement your linear ad campaigns with incremental reach by adding broadcaster video to your channel mix.

Contextual Alignment

Create powerful connections with your audience to drive awareness, deeper brand association and familiarity by aligning with ITV’s most popular shows, genres and viewer need states.

Refining Audience

Leverage powerful digital data across TV content by combining ITV’s powerful first party data across 35 million users with additional insight from selected data partners.

Data Match

Data Match allows smarter TV targeting on ITVX using your data incombination with ITV’s 35 million strong registered users.


In fact, we have a fully transparent, addressable advertising platform built specifically for TV, using our 1st party, registered data - Planet V!

Want to learn more about advanced TV advertising?

Thinkbox Advanced Ad image.png 


Thinkbox have done a sterling job at compiling everything you need to know about advanced TV advertising into one handy resource which you can access here, exploring the rapidly expanding technological and data-driven business solutions being offered by TV broadcasters across their video platforms. 

Do you want to get noticed on ITVX?

If you’re ready to gain access to premium advertising opportunities and in a trusted environment, there is no better platform to make your brand famous. Get in touch with the team on to start your VOD advertising campaign today.