As part of ITV AdLabs’ mission to make next-generation measurement tools available to clients of all sizes, we have brought together the best data services in the industry to create a reporting tool that helps clients and agencies measure their TV presence by reporting SOV for all UK TV viewers.

Built by ITV and powered by Adalyser, Share of Voice by ITV is completely free of charge and faster than any current tool on the market, making valuable insights quickly and easily available to all. Share of Voice by ITV harnesses the power of BARB, Clearcast and Nielsen data to provide actionable insights fast, letting you see how your brand's SOV stacks up against your competitors in a level of detail that's unparalleled.

With an automated competitor search, it is easy to understand who your most likely competitors will be. You can also identify hidden opportunities in the market to improve your SOV.

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Key benefits

  • Fast and free - free of charge and faster than any current tool in the market

  • Encompasses all broadcasters - harnessing the power of BARB to report SOV for all broadcasters

  • All BARB audiences - find all audiences you delivered on, not just the ones you targeted

  • Automated competitor identification - understand who your most likely competitors are 

  • Automated anomaly detection - identify hidden opportunities to improve SOV

  • Cloud based - access SOV charts in minutes in your web browser, without having to use a spreadsheet

  • Competitor breakout - splitting competitors out individually

Benefits in the pipeline

  • Forecast SOV - showing your future SOV based on analysis of historical category trends

  • Next day reporting - breaking down the 8-day lag so you can review your SOV inside 24 hours 

  • Creative-weighted SOV

  • Weighted by mass simultaneous reach

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Share of Voice
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