Why TV?

TV is everywhere. It is the currency of conversation and reaches practically everyone, every week. That’s why brands of all shapes and sizes use TV to tell their story to the nation. Whether it's overnight success you’re looking for or long-term brand building, TV gets you noticed. In fact, 71% of all advertising profit comes from the big screen - the highest ROI in any media.

The eyes of the nation could be watching your brand, as many millions of viewers tune into ITV every day:

And it’s not just eyeballs, TV is a trusted environment for you to earn credibility in the minds of the consumer. That’s where ITV comes in.


“Public promises carry more weight: hence why the words 'as seen on TV' are more convincing than 'as seen on Facebook'.”

Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman Ogilvy UK


30m We reach 30m viewers a week

65% We reach 65% of housepersons

100% We've shown 100% of commercial programmes with over 5 million viewers across January-June 2023.

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If you're going to do TV, do it right

ITV sits at the heart of popular culture, and we can make your brand sit there too. We have the biggest reach of any commercial broadcaster in the UK and have extensive knowledge of building businesses through TV. We can help supercharge your brand's growth by delivering new customers at unparalleled scale. We're also the only broadcaster that allows advertisers to target consumers on a national, macro, regional, and micro level, so we're confident we have the audience you want to speak to.


If you’re a start-up that’s never advertised on TV before, then you might be eligible for one of our media and creative funds.

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Reach a local audience and embrace the power of regional advertising

ITV offers advertisers a chance to test region-by-region, in a flexible way, whilst reducing financial risk in the process. 

From mass live reach to 2 billion streams on ITVX since launch (in December 2022), everything can be broken down by region and by audience to enable you to test and learn as you scale up.

Many advertisers already capitalise on our regionality – that’s why over half of ITV’s advertisers are able to build their business successfully by spending under £50,000 with us. In fact, the cost of TV advertising can start from as little as £500. It has been a great gateway for businesses to scale up from launching in one region to becoming national brands, such as:

  • People’s Postcode Lottery who started in Scotland region only and now have millions of customers nationwide.

  • Some of the nation’s biggest retailers like DFS (who started in Central East) and Furniture Village (who started in Meridian) whose store opening strategy over the years has mirrored ITV regions, adding new regions as it became cost efficient.

  • A new generation of digital native brands like Checkatrade who started in Meridian South Coast micro-region, before scaling up over time and across regions to become a major national brand.


Regional Key Facts

Our regional advertising opportunities enable brands to scale up and scale back up efficiently and effectively.

Thinking about getting on TV?

Whether you're new to TV or looking to advertise without needing a large investment upfront, we have some initiatives that could be perfect for your business.


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