CFlight: Measuring reach & frequency across linear TV & BVOD

CFlight is the UK’s first unified TV advertising metric that captures the vast majority of live, time-shifted and on-demand commercial impacts and impressions across all viewing platforms. CFlight enables media buyers to see the overall advertising exposure for their TV campaigns, notably reach and frequency metrics.

Originally created by NBCU in the US, CFlight was adapted for the UK marketplace by Sky. Broadcaster CFlight is a joint initiative between Sky Media, ITV Media and 4 Sales. Industry bodies BARB, Thinkbox and Clearcast have facilitated CFlight’s development, and TV audience specialists RSMB and TechEdge have played integral roles in terms of data architecture and processing.

What is CFlight?

  • CFlight is the UK’s first unified TV advertising metric that captures the vast majority of live, on-demand and time-shifted commercial impacts and impressions across all viewing platforms

  • CFlight is a post-campaign online evaluation tool. It produces campaign reports that provide de-duplicated total reach and frequency across linear TV and broadcaster VOD (BVOD)


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What are the latest updates to CFlight

  • In 2022, CFlight announced its first functionality upgrades by raising clock numbers and extending backdated data. 

  • In 2024, Barb, the UK’s TV audience measurement body, has announced an upgrade to CFlight that will offer extended reporting of traded audiences.

  • CFlight has now incorporated 14 of the most-used traded audiences into its reporting: ABC1 adults; ABC1 housepersons; ABC1 men; ABC1 women; Adults 16+; Adults 16-34; Adults 25-44; Adults 45+; Housepersons; Housepersons with children; Men 16+; Men 16-34; Women 16+; and women 16-34.

  • In doing so, media buyers now have access to comprehensive ad campaign performance across these audiences.

This business-critical development of CFlight is transformational for advertisers and media buyers. For the first time, they have free access to total campaign performance reporting against major trading audiences. Full investment accountability on campaigns that run across what people watch in the UK, both on both linear and VOD services, is now available from this ground-breaking industry collaboration.” As part of Barb’s joint-industry reporting of audiences, it intends to expand the number of services included in CFlight and the Advanced Campaign Hub. Any VOD or streaming service that is a full Barb licensee will be able to participate on the same terms as existing participants. In recent years, Disney+, Netflix and Prime Video have become Barb licensees." Luca Vannini, Head of Campaign Audiences at Barb
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