What is CFlight?

CFlight is the UK’s first unified TV advertising metric that captures the vast majority of live, on-demand and time-shifted commercial impacts and impressions across all viewing platforms.
It produces campaign reports that provide de-duplicated total reach and frequency across linear TV and broadcaster VOD (BVOD).

The launch phase of CFlight will combine linear TV advertising impacts with BVOD impressions to give total exposure counts at a broad audience level (Adults). Future phases are planned to add greater flexibility and functionality, including:


  • Combined impacts and impressions across linear and BVOD

  • Reach and frequency across linear and BVOD campaigns

  • Comprehensive exposure measurement across devices, platforms and apps

  • BVOD only campaigns

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Broadcaster CFlight is a joint initiative between Sky Media, ITV Media and 4 Sales. CFlight was initiated by NBCU, a Comcast company, in the US. Comcast-owned Sky redeveloped it for its own purposes in the UK, and also instigated this three-way collaboration with ITV Media and 4 Sales, which tailors the methodology to the UK’s broadcasting ecosystem.

Industry bodies BARB, Thinkbox and Clearcast have facilitated CFlight’s development, and TV audience specialists RSMB and TechEdge have played integral roles in terms of data architecture and processing.

Watch our explainer video

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video time: video title: CFlight

CFlight will be made available at no cost to agencies that run linear and BVOD advertising campaigns. Media agency buyers will be required to register: if you're a media agency and would like access to CFlight, please email us at itvcommercial@itv.com. The online portal has been developed by TechEdge, who also host it. It is a standalone system, unconnected to TechEdge subscription services. 

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