Planet V

Planet V is our self-serve platform launched in 2020 and is designed to put the power of ITVX premium broadcast content and unique data proposition in your hands. It empowers agencies and advertisers to apply their unique understanding of their audiences to their premium video buys. 

Planet V has been designed by and for the TV industry to deliver against your distinct needs and objectives. As a demand-side platform, sell-side platform and an ad server all in one, Planet V marries the best of programmatic advertising’s customisable buying options with the fundamentals you expect from a market-leading media partner. As a wholly-owned technology, we are able to protect our buyers from advertising fraud and ensure that every pound invested will be delivered as working media. 

Automated, accessible, simple-to-use and configurable - welcome to Planet V, where your advertising is in your hands.

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Planet V
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Target with precision with ITV AdLabs

Here are some ways you can use ITVX to target your chosen audience and build a bigger picture of who they are and what they like:


ITV AdLabs: Product

Automated Contextual Targeting

Tap into the power of ACT for effective TV advertising.


Explore this unique opportunity to reach category shoppers at scale on ITVX and measure using real sales data.

Data Match

Bring your first-party data for insights, measurement and targeting.

Weather Targeting

Go live the moment your chosen weather criteria is met in the local region.


ITV AdLabs: Insight

Share of voice

Easy, real-time SOV reporting for all UK TV spend (inc. linear and sponsorship).


The gold standard for regional testing; capture more campaign outcomes than ever before.

Recover Budget Planner

Plan the right budget level to return to growth – no matter what recession.

Addressable Lift

Ever more accurate measurement of the impact of linear and BVOD advertising is possible with ITV.

TV Auction Boost

It’s now possible to quantify the impact of linear TV advertising on any brand’s paid search campaigns.


Planet V