Using the unique addresses that identify each internet connection (‘IP addresses’), ever more accurate measurement of the impact of linear and BVOD advertising is possible with ITV.

How it works

IP Matching brings together data on viewing of TV adverts by individual households, with data on those same individual households’ web visits.

These two datasets are joined using IP addresses to create a 1:1 link between linear TV and BVOD advert views and visits to an advertiser’s website, measuring any response that happens online including sign-ups & sales before tying these back to the TV spots that caused them.

To create this 1:1 link we’re working with two of the world’s leading ad-tech measurement companies: Adalyser and Innovid (aka. TVSquared). Together we’re able to isolate the effect of any direct-to-consumer brand’s advertising with ITV in a way that’s just not been possible before.

Key Benefits

  • All Encompassing - One measurement solution for both linear and BVOD advertising

  • Simple Set-Up - Easy to set-up, with support from ITV’s team of specialists

  • Easy to Understand - Straightforward control/exposed approach that’s both robust and persuasive

  • Extended Attribution - Look back over much longer time periods for a response - weeks not minutes

  • Granular - Drill down to the spot level to understand exactly what’s working hardest for you

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