What is Matchmaker?

FMCG advertisers can now combine the scale and quality of the UK’s largest broadcaster with precise shopper audiences from the UK’s largest retailer, Tesco and largest Health & Beauty retailer, Boots.

Each partnership provides a unique opportunity to reach category shoppers at scale on ITVX and measure using real sales data.

How does it work?

Leveraging Tesco Clubcard or Boots Advantage Card insights, the most relevant shopper audiences are selected based on a brand’s objectives and measurement KPIs.
Using Infosum, shopper audiences are then matched by email with ITVX registered viewers. This matched audience is then sent to Planet V, enabling media buyers to set up ITVX campaigns quickly and simply.

Post-campaign, precise brand level sales uplift is measured among those who’ve seen an ad vs a similarly profiled non-exposed control group. The methodology is fully deterministic, again using Infosum to match store card attributed brand-level sales directly to the ITVX viewers who saw your ad.

What are the benefits of Matchmaker?

Shopper Targeting:

Utilise first party data, from Tesco, consisting of over 20m cardholders, and Boots with over 15m customers

In Your Hands:

Activate and track campaigns on demand via Planet V

Accurately measure multiple unique KPIs:

Total converted customers, Incremental customers, conversion rates for exposed vs non-exposed, incremental sales volume, and delivery insights; I.e. conversion by exposure frequency, impact of viewing behaviours, conversion by genre / programme viewed, ITV region and conversion by audience demographic; Online/Offline sales split


Available Audiences

A range of pre-defined and bespoke* audiences are available. Whether you are looking to achieve broad awareness, or hone in on specific goals such as retention, acquisition or reaching new out-of- aisle shoppers, we can recommend audience strategies to meet your campaign and measurement objectives.

* Tesco audiences only

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