At AdLabs we think there’s no form of TV measurement more robust than regional testing. But compared to the digital platforms, this approach can feel old-fashioned. Which is why we’re launching Geo-X by ITV, a new consultancy service for modern marketers.

This includes:

New Tools and Better Data: Vastly improved TV data and a suite of proprietary planning tools to help you select the right region & campaign budget.

Fully funded third party research studies: Measuring the incremental uplift of sales, website visits, brand metrics and even search activity. 

Scaleable expert advice: Our team of experts will provide as much, or as little, support as you need. From initial set-up and design, right up to the final presentation itself.

Key Benefits

  • FOR ALL CLIENTS: It doesn’t matter if you’re a multinational brand or a new-to-tv regional advertiser, Geo Experiments by ITV will work just as well for your campaign.

  • EASY TO UNDERSTAND: The idea of comparing advertised and non-advertised regions is both easy to understand and to communicate to the wider business.

  • UNCOVER YOUR ROI: Isolate the short & long term sales impact of TV, putting to bed once and for all the argument whether TV ‘works’. 

  • MULTIPLE OUTCOMES: Geo-X lets you measure more than just sales, we can demonstrate the impact on brand and other channels, especially in digital. 

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