Our commercial research team's core responsibility is to provide evidence that the ITV environment generates a return on investment for advertisers.

Projects range from measuring the effectiveness of cross platform campaigns to leading idea generation sessions for targeting non-TV advertisers. We partner with a number of specialist research agencies to ensure that we deliver the most valued and actionable research and we also have access to a number of internal tools that help to position ITV as the best place for advertisers' media budgets.

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‘FUSION’ is ITV’s recipe for powerful partnerships. A model that explains precisely what makes some campaigns so much more successful than others, and helps us apply a ‘magic formula’ to every partnership we create. Like all great ideas it may seem obvious in retrospect. But it’s something that needs combined production, broadcasting and research resources on a scale that only ITV possesses. ‘Sponsorship’ is too small a word for it. The word is Fusion.

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ITV Lives

ITV Lives is our ongoing look at the changing media and technology landscape and its impact on the UK population. The research has highlighted a number of fascinating insights: TV viewing remains the main family event for all LIVES but a lot of changes have occurred in the on demand, online, dual screening and social space.

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ITV Primal Screen

This story is about connections. It’s about a primal, human need to connect, and how television and ITV in particular can bond us together better than anything else.

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