The challenge

In today's world the way we consume TV has changed and diversified with the rise of ad free services, VOD and multi-screening; making advertising work harder to capture a viewers attention. With today's savvy consumers expecting advertising to be more relevant, integrated and credible to their lives, Product Placement is able to meet these higher expectations by integrating a brand into the programme narrative without raising a sense of rejection amongst viewers.

ITV has been leading the growth of Product Placement in UK programmes with a unique position as a broadcaster and producer of programmes.

The research

ITV has examined all of the product placement studies it has conducted over the last 10 years to deepen the understanding of the impact of product placements on viewers, and the benefits an advertiser can have by adding product placement to their campaign activities.

Product Placement drives a stronger and more emotional connection between a brand and viewers

Spot advertising synergy

Product Placement drives synergy with spot advertising

Source: ITV Product Placement Study 2019 (n=12 studies)

x2 Viewers exposed to placements are 2x more likely to notice wider advertising activities

Word of mouth

Product Placement raises talkability and brand consideration amongst viewers

Source: ITV Product Placement Study 2019 (n=12 studies)


+5% On average we see brand consideration increase 5% amongst viewers exposed to product placement (post campaign) compared to non viewers

Product Placement can effectively drive both long-term and short-term behaviours in viewers


VISA successfully normalised brand usage on screen with Product Placement

Visa pp
video time: video title: Visa product placement



Likelihood of using contactless in next 6 months grew from 49% to 97%


@itvcorrie ooh Nick's bistro has contactless payment! I'll keep that in mind #Corrie

The results

The research highlighted that Product Placement added value to campaigns and can acted like a hygiene factor, improving campaign effectiveness amongst viewers exposed to the Product Placement activity. It can drive both long-term and short-term behaviours in viewers, normalising a brand and driving search. Product Placement can also amplify awareness of wider advertising activities, generate talkability and strengthen emotional associations towards the brand/product seen or used in the programme. And like all marketing activitiesProduct Placement can boost awareness of the product.

If you have any questions about Product Placement and would like to get in touch about this research, email or download the pdf below.

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