The advantages of TV advertising are endless, but one great thing is the potential it has to reach millions of people. Reach is critical if you’re trying to build a successful brand, as the higher your share of voice, the more likely it is to grow. We explored this trait within our study, ITV Sponsorship 982.


The Research

We analysed more than 100 sponsorships which had taken place over a five-year period and carried out nationally representative surveys to understand how people reacted. We led more than 80,000 interviews and analysed Broadcasters' Audience Research Board (BARB) data to show how sponsorship contributes to share of voice within television advertising.

The Results

Increased awareness

* Sponsorships are noticed through their extensive reach either alone or combined with spot advertising (ads shown within a break either during or between programmes) – 90% agree they boost brand awareness

* ITV shows can be used to connect brands to consumers and sponsorship ensures viewers notice the brand

84% Agree that sponsorships are equally important for challenger and well-known brands 24% Increase in brand awareness thanks to ITV sponsorships

Brand building

Sponsorship raises brand awareness and improves image scores by an average of 21%

Sponsorship builds brands by making people more likely to consider them

80% Agree that sponsorship helps build brands’ reputations

60% Agree that sponsorship makes brands appear more trustworthy

Improved Share of Voice

Sponsorship works well in isolation, but even better when working alongside other media types like spot advertising.

*Using multiple media formats improves brand image scores 200% Boost in brand share of voice when a spot ad is on air 70% Increase in brand image score when three or more media formats are used.

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