Celebrity endorsement of brands can be regarded as risky or hit and miss if not planned correctly, so we led a research study to find out what steps need to be put in place to make this a valuable aspect of your marketing strategy.


The Research:

We worked with Bournemouth University’s Faculty of Media & Communication, and research companies YouGov and Neurosense, to understand the value and effective use of talent endorsement in advertising.

The Results:

Capturing attention

  • Celebrity endorsements create and maintain viewers’ attention

  • They bring prestige to brands and encourage engagement, interest, and recall

  • Talent-led advertising spots are effective because celebrities have symbolic, aspirational associations for viewers

  • The celebrity is able to transfer their own values and characteristics to the products they are promoting

  • Credibility and the audience’s connection with the talent is very important, but the strategic link between the product and the celebrity is key

Brand building

  • Talent endorsements offer effective advertising for both new and established brands

  • They improve advertising attitudes, brand attitude, and build purchasing intent

  • They provide monetary value through increased brand equity and sales

  • They build new brands and reposition old brands

  • Talent with worldwide popularity can help businesses reach global goals


Read about our partnership with Facebook Portal featuring Holly Willoughby & Ashley Banjo. 

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