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Brands can use ITV’s deep-rooted brand attributes, cultural capital and power to supercharge advertising with emotion. We have conducted extensive research to explore how utilising ITV’s channel assets within TV adverts can significantly increase engagement. For this study, we wanted to understand the impact over the longer-term. Working with strategic research partners System1 and Neuro-Insight we set out to explore three key areas.

  1. ITV provides the ideal environment in which to drive brand fame.

  2. ITV Bespoke Partnerships marks the adverts as something different, making viewers sit up and take notice.

  3. ITV Bespoke Partnerships build long-term memory encoding which is strongly linked to future decision making and sales.

Why ITV?

ITV reflects, informs and creates culture.


  • ITV understands the cultural forces in Modern Britain.

  • ITV can influence the cultural agenda by changing people’s attitudes and behaviour.

  • ITV creates cultural properties and talent that are part of our cultural fabric.

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How ITV Bespoke partnerships work

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Key Takeaways

ITV outperforms against key attributes ITV outperforms against all of the four key attributes that matter to consumers: diversity, community mindedness, ethicalness and trustworthyness.

Positive Emotions ITV Bespoke Partnerships can drive an uplift in positive emotions at key branding moments.

Increase long-term memory encoding ITV Bespoke Partnerships significantly increase long-term memory encoding, +36%, which is strongly linked to future consumer decision-making and sales.

“When marketers think about noticing they think of things they can do to try to grab attention. There is nothing wrong with trying to grab attention but we have to also remember that noticing depends on memories. If you want your brand to be noticed then you need to build brand memory structures.” Professor Byron Sharp

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