In 2018, we successfully launched Sponsorship 982 which showed how ITV Sponsorships drive awareness, consideration and double a brand’s share of voice.

In 2022, we wanted to go one step further by analysing our rich ITV sponsorship norms dataset to unearth the significant relationships between the metrics we measure and identify those that are the key drivers success.  

The approach

We partnered with Colourtext, experts in advertising data analytics, to deliver ITV’s biggest ever sponsorship study to provide new key insights for advertisers.

The results from the multi-dimensional analysis revealed the complex network of relationships and influences that exist between the many brand and creative metrics at play within an ITV Sponsorship campaign.  The research identified the 3 dimensions that had the biggest impact on success.

11 Years of ITV sponsorship research studies (2011-2022)

477 Individual Campaign Effectiveness Studies

200k+ Consumer research interviews

Dimension 1

Brand Fit

Our model shows that Brand Fit has the biggest impact on uplifts in brand consideration and the study identified why.


Dimension 3

New news

New news can have a significant impact on brand curiosity.

Dimension 2


ITV sponsorships significantly increase brand likeability which is enhanced by focusing on 6 key creative levers.

Sponsorship 3D combines innovative techniques, using a robust methodology to prove the value of ITV Sponsorships in enhancing creative and brand measures. The study provides compelling evidence for the effectiveness of ITV Sponsorships as well as unearthing insight around how and why they work for advertisers. Bruce McGowan, Head of Content Partnerships at Publicis Media Content

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