Our very own ‘Social Network’ of TV viewers

The ITV Village has been running for over four years and allows us to put our audience at the centre of everything we do. It provides a hub for us to talk directly to more than 12,000 diverse people, from those who only watch a few ITV programmes to our biggest fans, in order to understand their thoughts, feelings and behaviours. We can connect with them in various ways, including quick one to five question polls, detailed surveys, discussion rooms, and online focus groups. This means that not only can we gain a rich understanding of our audiences to help inform our programming, but we can also curate bespoke, relevant, and representative insight that brands can use to plan their campaigns and engage consumers on a deeper level.


“It’s like having viewers right there with you in a room next door, who you can talk to whenever you want, about whatever you want, quickly and cost effectively” ITV Audiences Team

ITV Solutions - a set of five research solutions for you to tap into for all your commercial insight needs

Trends Explores the cultural forces impacting the lives, perceptions and choices of consumers today

Truths Explores the real, and sometime hidden, truths about your consumers

Dynamics Uncovers the fundamental category dynamics that can give you the edge on your competitors

Passions Provides a rich understanding of how consumers think and feel about your brand

Reactions Measures how your partnership with ITV creative resonates with ITV viewers and non-viewers

A variety of leading brands have already tapped into the ITV Village

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For more information on how you can use the ITV Village to supercharge your partnership with ITV, please drop us an email at commercialaudiences@itv.com.

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