We had a hunch that ITV programme apps, like the Love Island or I'm a Celebrity apps, keep our viewers engaged and thirsty for more – but we wanted more than our word.

The Research

So we worked with market research company Neuro-Insight to track viewers’ subconscious responses when using the Britain’s Got Talent app while watching the show live in their own homes. The result was an award-winning study that also delved into the benefits for advertisers.

The Results

  • Using an app enhances the TV viewing experience; it ramps up enjoyment

  • App users are more involved in the show; interactive elements like quizzes and voting boost engagement

  • App users are more receptive to on screen TV ads and TV sponsor idents (short segments to tell the viewer which channel they’re watching)

  • Dwell time and brain response are linked; those who spent longer using the app responded more positively to ads and sponsorship


43% Increase in brain response to in app ads vs TV ads

16% Improvement in TV experience when viewed alongside an app

23% Increase in brain response to TV sponsor idents for app vs non-app users

15% Increase in brain response to TV ad breaks for app vs non-app users

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