Keeping fans hooked five nights a week, all year long - Emmerdale is the gripping continuing drama that provides a dedicated audience of millions for brands to leverage.

Get your brand seen by millions

310 episodes each year

11m average monthly viewer reach (more than 1 in 5 adults)

8th biggest commercial show of the year

56% of all adults (29m) saw Emmerdale’s sponsorship in 2023

47m streaming hours on ITVX in 2023 (3rd most popular show)

3.8m combined following on social media

The power is with the fans

Emmerdale 2.png

Emmerdale has millions of devoted fans. For them it's an unmissable, treasured ritual and this goes beyond the screen.

Emmerdale won Best Soap and Best Soap Actor at the 2024 TV Choice Awards, which are solely voted on by the public.

Fans trust the show and feel a sense of emotional connection and ownership. This has a halo effect on brands who partner with the show. Emmerdale sponsorship made fans of the show 36% more likely to use the sponsor over its competitors. (Source: Viewers Logic, Dec '22 - May '23.)

How can your brand benefit from the power of Emmerdale? 

  • Leverage loved characters for your brand

  • Place your products in a brand-safe editorial environment

  • Bring Emmerdale to your customers (e.g. in store)

  • Benefit from the value of peak advertising


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