What is automated contextual targeting?

Get closer to moments that matter in shows on ITVX with Automated Contextual Targeting v2.0, developed in partnership with leading digital intelligence platform, Captify.

How does it work?

ACT v2.0 uses Captify’s advanced contextual classification technology to identify moments and themes in ITVX shows.

Captify’s natural language processing and machine learning models are used to extract more precise show themes which are then categorised under their extensive contextual taxonomy. 

Buyable segments are then created from themes which are detected at sufficient density. These are available for selection in Planet V, allowing you to buy into the right moments for your AV campaign on ITVX.


What are the benefits of automated contextual targeting?

  • Cutting edge technology: Partnering with Captify brings a sophisticated AI technology layer to buying ads in Britain’s best loved TV shows.

  • Get closer to moments that matter in TV shows: Adjacency to the relevant TV  content improves advertising relevance, boosting campaign brand effect.

  • Find moments of unexpected relevance: Go deeper than standard Planet V Content Alignment buys with scene level relevance. Food brands can find unexpected ITVX show episodes containing a food or mealtime scene.

Contextual taxonomy available at launch

Segments initially available in v2.0 include:

  • Food and Drink                                     

  • Autos and vehicles

  • Beauty and Fitness                               

  • Finance

  • Health                                                   


  • Cooking and recipes

  • Travel                                                     

  • Movies

  • Home and Garden                              

  • Christmas

Many more Captify context segments will be available soon.

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