John & Lisa's Christmas Cottage

When it comes to Christmas, no season is more special for this food-loving couple. From the decorations to the dinners, they enjoy nothing more than getting ahead and feeling festive. 
This year, they are heading off to their Christmas Cottage, nestled in the countryside, ready to make it a magical home-from-home. And, of course, they’ll be armed with recipes galore and inspiration to take us through the whole season. 



Partnership Package Details


Scheduling (indicative and subject to change)

  • Q4 2024

  • Weekday Afternoons

  • 5 X 60 min episodes

  • ITV1, ITV1+1 & ITV1HD, STV1, STV1+1 & STV1HD


Broadcast & Online


On-air sponsorship idents

  • 80'' per 60 minute episode
  • 15" intro ident
  • 10" either side of each centre break
  • 5" closing ident
  • Sponsor logo on broadcast promos longer than 10sec, if used


Online streaming Idents

  • 10'' bumpers around all free long-form catch-up content available on ITVX & STV Player  



  • Right to use show logo in conjunction with agreed tagline (e.g. ‘Brought to you by…’):

    • Funders owned, earned & paid social media

    • Consumer and trade PR

    • Funders website and/or app

    • Online display and online video

    • Right to create competitions, for employees, customers, trade (any costs related to prize not included)

    • Right to create and use show logo & funders lock up logo for use as listed above


Brand Integration

  • By funding John & Lisa's Christmas Cottage, we’ll work with you to form a campaign which reaches the masses across all touchpoints


AFE Price: £305,000 NET + VAT

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