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Whoever you want to reach, we have the audience to match. We’re the only broadcaster to give you the power to target national or local audiences and everything in between.

ITV1 is where the nation comes together.

We connect our audience to the entertainment they love, and each other.

We unite them, surprise and delight them in a shared experience.

We inform and inspire with quality TV we can’t wait to watch and never want to miss.

We make everything big and brilliant and beautiful. 


In 2023 

  • 41% of HPs with Kids watch ITV1 within an average week. That’s 2.9 million viewers.

  • In an average month, 60% of HPs with Kids are reached, which is 4.2m.

90% ITV1 had 90% of the top 100 commercial programmes for Housepersons 2023.

73% Within an average week ITV1 reaches 15.4m Housepersons, which is 57% of the demographic. Within an average month, this increases to 73%. That’s 19.9m viewers.

25% ITV1 reaches 25% of 16-34s in an average week. That’s 3.5 million viewers.



New series Malpractice launched in April with 6.7 million viewers, and averaged 5 million across its 5 episodes. It has achieved some big numbers on ITVX where it the 5th most watched series this year.

The biggest of the ITVX premiers,  first released just after Christmas, was shown on ITV1 in May. Including viewers who watched it both on ITVX and ITV1 it launched with 6.4 million and averaged 5.6m.

Yorkshire Ripper drama The Long Shadow launched at the end of September with 6.6m went on to average 6.4m. It performed really strongly on ITVX where it was the most watched series of the year across all genres. 


Women’s World Cup 2023

Following England’s win in the Euros, there was a lot of interest in the Lionesses going into the World Cup. The time difference with Australia meant that many of the matches were in the middle of the night or very early in the morning, despite this they pulled in some big numbers, peaking (for ITV) with their win in the Quarter Final against Colombia, the coverage was watched by 5.2m with a peak of 7.5m.

The tournament reached 22 million viewers, boosted ITV1’s morning audience by +17% and was streamed nearly 16 million times.


The Rugby World Cup

ITV had exclusive access to just over 7 weeks of the Rugby World Cup. It reached 31 million viewers and 50% of the viewing population.

England’s exit at the hands of South Africa (again)gave ITV1 it’s biggest peak audience of the year with 9.1m. And two quarter final matches, including England v Fiji gave ITVX its best day of the year on the 15th of October with 14 million streams

The matches were mainly played in peak time towards the end of the week, for this period ITV1 and ITV4 saw big increases in their Male Viewing up +28% and +59% respectively.



I’m a Celebrity

In November the main show was back for its 23rd series.

The first episode was watched by just under 11 million viewers, making it ITV’s biggest audience of 2023, and the 3rd biggest title on any channel (only the Coronation and the final series of Happy Valley had more viewers last year).

It was the most watched programme for 16-34s on any channel last year, with 8 of the episodes getting over 2 million. As always it did brilliantly on ITVX with streaming up +15% (+8 million streams) on the previous series.


Britain’s Got Talent

One of the biggest entertainment shows on TV returned in April for its 16th series.

Including 28 day viewing and repeats it launched with a massive 8.5m viewers and averaged 6.4m across its 14 episodes.

It performed well on ITVX with over a million more streams than last year.

britains_got_talent_sr16_02 (1).jpg

Hiya. Come on in.

Hiya. Come on in.

Jump into over-the-top content with ITV2.

We’re constantly finding the edge of what’s normal and adding just a bit of the absurd (boundaries aren’t really our thing).

We’ll have you laughing harder, screaming louder and holding your breath for longer with the wildest content on offer. People say we’re shocking, shameless, eye-catching and addictive. They aren’t wrong. But we prefer outrageous. ITV2 is real and raucous.

136 136 of ITV2’s programmes were watched by over a million viewers in 2023, compared to just 63 in 2022.

16-34s ITV2 reached 12% of 16-34s in an average week. That’s 1.7 million. With a highs of 21% and 3.0m. The channel was also the number one digital channel for 16-34s for the 7th year in a row.

+21% ITV2’s prime time audience grew by +21% in 2023.

love_island_all_stars_01 (1).jpg

Love Island 

The two series of Love Island last year were streamed an astonishing 343 million times and reached 17 million viewers.

It was one of only a handful of titles to get a million or more 16-34s in 2023, and it did this 86 times.

Over three quarters of the viewers who watched it on ITVX went on to watch other ITVX content.

Big Brother 

A huge hit for ITV2 in the Autumn. The original reality show returned to our screens with 3.7m viewers, its biggest audience in over a decade. 

Every episode got over a million viewers. Across the six weeks it was on air ITV2’s all time audience was up +58% and prime time audience was up a massive +236%. The channel had its best Q4 for 4 years.

Revenge Porn: Georgia vs Bear

This important documentary about the impact revenge porn had on the former TOWIE and Love Island contestant Georgia Harrison, and the lengths she had to go to take her ex-boyfriend to court, was shown just days after Stephen Bear  (also a reality star) was jailed for 21 months.

It was watched by 1.4m viewers, over a third of whom were 16-34s.

Hey, Hun. How are ya? 

Our best assets are our big personality and even bigger heart. We’re absolutely OBSESSED with people. Whether we’re your guilty pleasure, new addiction or go-to escape, everyone is welcome in the home of reality. 

We show every side of life, because as much as we love divas, drama and dating, we believe there’s value in the unglamorous moments too (that and watching everything kick off is one of the best parts). Who said a reality check was a bad thing? 

ITVBe is like a bottomless brunch. 

We’re serving up full-on fun, hun. And dishing out gossip with a side of goosebumps! OMG pour us a rosé and we’ll tell you everything (and we mean everything). We’re caring and sharing. Daring (yep, we’ll even go there). We love life and all it throws at us. It’s what makes us feel mighty real. 


10% ITVBe reached on average 10% of Housepersons with Children, and 7% of 16-34 Women per month in 2023.

5.6 million ITVBe increased it’s average monthly reach to 9% of viewers from January to December, which is 5.6 million Individuals, with a high of 11% and 6.5m.

180 180 programmes were watched by over 100,000 viewers on ITVBe in 2023

Screenshot 2022-07-12 at 14.15.27.png

17million The Real Housewives of... were streamed 17million times in 2023, and Love Island USA 9 million times.

45 million ITVBe’s biggest audience of 2023 came from TOWIE with half a million viewers on the 1st of October. The show was streamed over 45 million times on ITVX last year and reached nearly 7 million viewers.

Olivia Marries Her Match

Shown over four consecutive nights in August, with each episode getting more than the last , Olivia Marries Her Match averaged 394,000 viewers with the final episode attracting 415,000, making it the 3rd most watched title on ITVBe in 2023.

Welcome Home

We believe timeless entertainment is borne of great stories, passionately told. We are classic, reflecting the care and detail that go into every series arc, storyline and character. 

This is where dramas, soaps and sitcoms come alive, captivating millions with profoundly human storytelling. We don’t give anything away, instinctively driven to read between the lines and savour every twist and turn. 
ITV3 is a place to spend time with old friends. 

We sit back and settle in with a comforting cup of tea. Ready to tell stories in style. We share the twists and the turns of timeless tales. The experiences that will stay with us forever. This is when we lose ourselves and find adventure. We escape everything, never knowing what might happen next. 


In 2023

  • ITV3 reached 6.1m ABC1 Adults on average per month in 2023 which is 21%.

  • Five episodes of Vera got over a million viewers on ITV3 in 2023 and two episodes of the Tower.


11th year ITV3 was the most watched digital channel for the 5th year in a row for individuals and the 11th year in a row for ABC1 Adults.

13.1 million ITV3 reached an average of 13.1 million viewers a month in 2023, with a high of 15.7m.

300 Over 300 programmes attracted half a million viewers or more on ITV3 in 2023.


Strap in, we’re going for a ride. 

ITV4 is straight up, souped up, sliding over the bonnet of a car. It’s big action, big event, but round your mates for a barbecue.

We take it all as seriously as a pub quiz. 

We are fans as we grip our seats with excitement, but we want it all wrapped in the atmosphere from the stands. 

ITV4 is a club that everyone is in. 

ITV4 is all action. 


In 2023

  • ITV4 was the 4th most watched digital channel for Men in 2023, which is its highest ever ranking.

  • The FA Cup Match between Liverpool and Wolverhampton on the 7th of January was watched by 2.1m with a peak of 3.3m, ITV4’s biggest audience for more than a decade.


15.5m ITV4 reached an average of 15.5m Individuals each month in 2023, with a high of 20.6m in January.

over a million ITV4 has had 4 programmes attract over a million viewers in 2023 which is double what it did last year

8.3m ITV4 reached 8.3m Men on average per month in 2023, that’s 33% of Men.


ITVX is the UK’s freshest new streaming service

Okay, Britain, let’s do this. 

ITVX is an award winning entertainment destination which isn’t afraid to be different, and that always feels fresh.

ITVX is built to connect and reflect modern Britain. Just like our audience, it’s spirited and independent

1.9 billion 2022 was the best ever year for streaming with 1.9 billion, a year-on-year increase of 14%.

100 million 2022 was the first year that every single month got over 100 million streams.

121 121 programmes were viewed by a million or more viewers on ITVX in 2022, more than any other year.

There is something for everyone on ITVX, with more fresh new content dropping every week than any other British video on demand platform. All for free.

  • Premium ITV dramas, documentaries, US series, comedy and reality shows

  • Exclusive new series launching online every week

  • The nation's biggest events streamed live

  • An ever-changing library of blockbuster movies 

  • Exclusive themed ‘FAST Channels’ 

  • Thousands of box sets

video time: video title: The UK's freshest streaming service

Since launch 

  • ITVX was awarded “Best On Demand Service” at the Edinburgh TV Awards 2023, beating BBC iPlayer, Channel 4 Streaming, NOW and STV Player

  • January to June 2023, ITVX attracted more viewers with monthly active users (MAU’s) up 29% year on year to 12.5 million and up 19% since year end

  • ITVX is also attracting light viewers, our target audience, with viewing in that specific demo up 93% across the first six months in 2023.

  • ITVX viewers stay for longer, with streaming hours up 33% to 737 million hours and a 22% increase in dwell time in the same period.

  • In August 2023, ITVX reached 2 billion streams since it launched in December 2022

  • 37 million registered users to date.



It’s here - our new destination for kids with more shows than ever before, on its very own dedicated homepage.

We’ve got nearly double our previous hours of content, over 100 titles and 1000 hours, with more live action, films, specials and scripted shows.

The option to create kids profiles means the whole experience is in a child-safe environment.

Moving to a streaming-only model for content for 6-12 year olds in ITVX Kids means we are taking the content to where kids want to watch it.

Alongside series including Lego Dreamzzz, Friendzspace, Tara Duncan, All Round Champions, The Rubbish World of Dave Spud, Teletubbies, Let’s Go, Sooty and Scooby Doo there’ll be 25 Barbie movies and not one but two FAST channels, just for kids (or young-at-heart adults).

First up we have the ITVX Kids FAST channel, a mix of animated and live action titles including Thunderbirds Are Go, Oddbods, Pocoyo, American Ninja Warrior Junior, The Sound Collector, Polly Pocket and Hotel Transylvania.

Plus, the LEGO Universe FAST channel.

ITVX Kids.jpeg