Bespoke Activation

Using our talents, and your show's assets we can offer you a range of bespoke activations, to help elevate your brand.


Bespoke content

Using our talents and/or show's assets we can produce short videos specifically for a brand, to be hosted on on the relevant programme pages and app.
Videos can be few seconds or few minutes long. They can use themes of our show but can also tell the brand's stories. The video feature the brand's logo when closed and branded opening and closing stings.
Pushes from social media are also key to make these videos as successful as possible.
ITV can brainstorm, scope and script the ideas. Organise the shoot: crew, venue, talents, props. Produce and edit the content in accordance with the client's wishes but also manage its hosting and reporting.



Competitions are very popular on
We can promote and run prize draw or multiple choice questions competitions for our clients.
We help define and advise on the exact mechanic (running period, restrictions, popular prizes..), we create the T&Cs, we build branded competition page(s) on, collect data (entries and opt-ins), draw, contact and confirm the winner(s) and can even fulfil the prize(s) on behalf of our clients.
Traffic drivers are always included as part of this opportunity to make sure the competition is as successful as possible.



ITV can produce and host fun and engaging branded games for its partners and sponsors on and ITV apps.
They can be skill, adventure, quizzes related, they can be very simple with one level mechanic or much more complex with: multiple levels, leaderboards and share-ability functionalities but they are always very additive.
ITV will help brainstorm and scope ideas for the games. We manage its build, hosting and reporting.
Branded games need to be relevant as part of our programme pages and platforms so we make sure we come up with concepts that work commercially and editorially.
Games can feature brand's products, colours, look and feel, characters/ambassador but can also feature our talents and show's assets (images, look&feel, actual features from the show, etc) subject to licensing, rights and talent agreement.


What Bespoke Activation can do for brands:

We offer:

  • Competitions
  • Games
  • Bespoke content