Challenge & Objectives 

AEB software supports international trade and the logistics process in the industrial, commercial and service sectors. Their customs declaration software not only cuts the cost of transporting goods but also makes the process run smoothly.

However, with Brexit on the horizon, businesses in the UK were facing huge uncertainty with import duties and astronomical costs. AEB were looking to promote their easy customs declaration software in the build up to Brexit, targeting SME business owners who move goods across the UK and Europe.

In order to do so, AEB were looking for a media partner that would enable them to increase their brand awareness, drive traffic to their website to ultimately increase sales.

Idea & Implementation

As the UK’s largest commercial broadcaster, ITV provided the perfect platform for AEB to reach a broad audience. Our scalability enabled them to maximise their reach to as many viewers as possible.

AEB’s media plan followed the Government’s Brexit campaign across the schedule. This provided a contextually relevant message for the brand to advertise their services around, as the efficient solution to mitigate additional trading cost for businesses in the UK after leaving the EU.

The airtime combined a mixture of all day parts and a variety of programming such as Good Morning Britain, The Martin Lewis Money Show and ITV News as these were most efficient at reaching their target audience.

The Business For All match funding initiative enabled AEB to maximise their budget and therefore campaign reach to create the most impact across the ITV schedule.

Targeting Strategy


Reaching SME size business owners in the UK


ABC1 Adults

The Results

120% uplift Website visits saw a 120% uplift throughout the campaign

+£200K AEB saw 180 new “easy customers” from, attributing to £200k worth of new revenue

50 new clients They achieved 50 new clients introduced to AEB from exposure to the ad campaign

ITV offered the most cost efficient reach of the audience and the ability to reach prospective customers and future prospective customers quickly. The ITV backing business initiative gave us the platform we needed to get our message across. The team at ITV were extremely helpful and also reactive when it came to the scheduling of the adverts. Working in partnership with ITV enabled us to strengthen our brand awareness which ultimately drove an increase in business performance. Iqubal Pannu, Sales Director at AEB

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