Unfortunately, much activity often goes unnoticed by those not directly affected by deafness and hearing loss. So, Aldi (a long-standing supporter of the charity) wanted to boost the nation's understanding.


9 million people in the UK are affected by deafness and hearing loss and 9 million people is also the number of viewers watching Coronation Street...a show with 50 years of history in reflecting everyday society and championing national causes and issues.


Creative agency McCann had produced a bespoke fully-signed ad featuring Maisie Sly (star of the Oscar winning film The Silent Child) and her mum. They approached ITV about securing a launch spot in Coronation Street on May 14th - the start of Deaf Awareness Week.

Aldi's brand positioning of 'Everyday Amazing' got ITV and McCann thinking, what if EVERY ad in the commercial break of Coronation Street was signed thanks to Aldi? 'Everyday Amazing' would be brought to life in a meaningful way, whilst raising awareness of the charity's special week.


4x Greater awareness of Deaf Awareness Week for those who saw the ad break to those who didn't

43% Thought more highly of the brands featured in the ad break due to the association

600K More people tuned in for the break versus the previous week's episode

31% Agree they were interested in finding out more about deafness and hearing loss

aldi 2
We are delighted to be supporting the UK Council on Deafness in their annual Deaf Awareness Week campaign. Our new advert is completely silent and signed - a first for Aldi - and demonstrates our wider commitment to inclusivity, all delivered in Aldi's irreverent style. Adam Zavalis, Marketing Director for Aldi UK

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