Challenge & Objectives

Billy & Margot is a high-end pet food brand and doesn’t compete with ‘everyday’ mainstream brands. However, there are a number of high-profile ‘high-quality’ pet foods which have strong marketing budgets and well-established branding. As a newer product, Billy & Margot needed to reach its customer base and convince potential customers that the brand was both better and worthy of the cost.

The main objectives were to create brand awareness amongst ABC1 50+ audience, coupled with an uplift of sales for the duration of the campaign. 


Idea & Implementation

Unlike other broadcasters, the availability of channels which ITV could offer such as ITV3 matched the core customers perfectly. The availability of programming meant Billy & Margot could feature in the ad breaks of programming that its customers enjoy. Using a combination of peak and off-peak dayparts gave the brand the most comprehensive access to the target demo.

In addition to this, the brand ran a wider ranging campaign on a local ITV  micro-region which meant the brand could receive immediate feedback from customers physically close to the business. This enabled a constant review of the campaign effect and provided valuable data for the future.

Targetting Strategy and Results

Brand Target

  • Affluent audience 50+

  • ITV3 and ITV micro region to isolate impact of the campaign

  • Region tested: Meridian South


ITV Trading Audience Bought

  • ABC1 Adults


Campaign Delivery

  • Total of  109 spots across the 3 weeks

  •  Reaching 2.3m ABC1 Adults

  • OTS = 2.8

  • Campaign < than £100k

60% At the peak of the campaign there was a sales uplift of 60% and a higher baseline figure at the end of the campaign compared to the start.

2 2 x uplift in Google search when comparing pre the campaign to the mid point of peak ITV activity.

2.3m Combined reach over 2.3 million ABC1 Adults.

“ITV could offer a demographic entirely suited to our own target market. And with the ability to choose specific dayparts and programmes, our campaign was incredibly strong with little wastage. In addition we had invaluable help and advise from ITV before, during and after the campaign meaning we could really analyse the data and plan effectively for the next burst of advertising.” Helen Ellwood | Head of Commercial Sales & Marketing UK/EU

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