The brand: CAFEPOD

Founded by entrepreneur Peter Grainger back in 2011, CAFEPOD is an independent craft coffee business that’s all about providing quality coffee for adventurous coffee drinkers to enjoy at home. 

CAFEPOD exists to bring happiness to people’s everyday lives by bringing the energy and excitement of independent coffee roasters to UK supermarkets in a range of exciting and strong blends for coffee enthusiasts to enjoy from the comfort of their own kitchen.

The Opportunity

The brief:

A global pandemic and numerous lockdowns - 2020 was the year that brought us the ‘home coffee connoisseur'. Confined to our homes, the nation sought to recreate their beloved high-street morning coffee themselves, and what better brand to turn to than CAFEPOD?

CAFEPOD wanted to take the brand to the next stage of growth; they wanted to trial TV but in a smaller, more manageable way that would allow them to see the impact without breaking the bank.

The ITV AdVentures’ solution:

ITV’s ability to split advertising down into smaller individual regions allowed for a geo test & learn approach which would provide CAFEPOD with the opportunity to see what TV could do for their business without a large upfront investment. Coupled with ITV AdVentures Ignite's matched funding scheme to support new-to-tv brands, it was an opportunity not to be missed.

The Campaign

CAFEPOD wanted to increase longer-term drivers of success – growing brand awareness, understanding and emotional engagement with the brand in the way only broadcast media can.

We constructed a plan that would run across the whole of ITV’s fantastic programming schedule – tapping into those morning and afternoon moments when a coffee hit is top of mind, as well as those big peak evening spots known to drive brand fame and reach. 

The target audience and region:

We identified ‘ABC1 Women’ as the perfect fit for CAFEPOD’s premium offering and for giving us access to ITV’s most relevant peak shows. Opting for the ‘London feel’ without the London price, we paired this audience with ITV’s Meridian region - encompassing London's commuter belt and hosting 10% of the UK’s coffee lovers, Meridian offered high wealth coffee drinkers at scale. 

Running 5 weeks from Sept - Oct

124 spots, 38% coverage of ABC1 Women at an average frequency of 7

cafepod 2.png

The Creative

CAFEPOD wanted to celebrate the role of coffee and their brand within everyday lives, highlighting the warmth, excitement, energy and inspiration that a great cup of coffee can bring to your day. 

CAFEPOD created an ad showcasing the product within different lifestyles and various scenarios. The ad was shot with independent creatives, cast, director and production team – genuine coffee drinkers who were also talented creatives.  Stunning visuals teamed with a fantastic soundtrack resulted in a beautiful brand ad that highlighted their premium aesthetic.



Control vs. exposed

We measured uplifts against a baseline in the ‘exposed’ campaign region of Meridian, vs. what was happening in the rest of the ‘unexposed’ country.  

cafe 2.png

Brand metrics

We used a continuous brand study to measure uplifts in brand awareness, understanding, sentiment and intent.

cafe 3.png

Performance metrics

We also measured uplifts in brand search, website traffic, leads and subscriptions.



86% 19% uplift in brand attractiveness and 86% uplift in brand connection

78% 5% uplift in purchase intent and 78% average weekly uplift in brand search during on-air weeks

61% 58% average weekly uplift in website traffic during on-air weeks and 61% average weekly uplift in online sales during on air weeks

14% 8% uplift in brand popularity and 14% uplift in brand clarity

As an independent brand, creating an emotional connection with our customers can be a real challenge, especially without the heavy weight budgets of our competitor set. We had an extra challenge during the pandemic when supermarket shopping had changed completely and customers weren't spending time in store considering new brands. Through our work with ITV AdVentures we were able to connect to a new shopper and build engagement with our brand. The test has clearly shown us the importance of quality media placement and the impact this can have in the way people receive messages. Discovering a new coffee brand within their best loved TV programmes has helped to supercharge our brand image. Ruth Irving, Marketing Director at CAFEPOD

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