Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury is one of the UK’s leading make-up artists. She launched her eponymous cosmetics brand in 2012 with the mission to make every woman the most beautiful version of themselves. Today the brand is sold in 76 different countries thanks to, as well as through a network of department stores in 30+ countries around the world.


Why did Charlotte Tilbury choose ITV? 

  • ITV’s individual regions allowed for a test & learn approach which would give meaningful scale without large upfront investment

  • ITV’s 50:50 matched funding helped to stretch Charlotte Tilbury’s advertising budget

  • ITV’s account management team helped with media strategy, campaign measurement, creative development and station supply (inc. regulatory approval). 


The Opportunity

After editorial appearances on TV from Charlotte Tilbury (e.g. This Morning) drove website & search traffic the team felt the brand was ‘right’ for TV. With iconic products, a distinctive look & feel and inherent word of mouth there was a confidence the brand would stand out on-air. Plus, the team had experience in other scale-up stage brands of TV being able to super charge both brand awareness and customer acquisition in a cost effective manner.

Using a test and learn approach

ITV Map 4 LONDON-2019-01.jpg

A regional test with ITV allowed Charlotte Tilbury to reach their target audience whilst maintaining cost efficiencies. A London-focused pilot was created in September 2018, that spanned a 4-week period.

This approach gave Charlotte Tilbury meaningful scale without large upfront investment.

Measuring success

Charlotte Tilbury created the following data points for their first campaign with ITV:

  • AD RECALL: Brand awareness survey

  • OFFLINE SALES IMPACT: Pre/post product sales plus in-store staff feedback


  • INDIVIDUAL ONLINE SALES & ORDERS (from new and existing customers)

Creating the right audience for Charlotte Tilbury

Brand  target

Charlotte Tilbury defined its target audience as:

  • ‘Weekend Treaters’

  • ABC1 Women 24-44

ITV Audience

The ITV Trading Team were able to buy against:

  • ABC1 Women

  • 16-34 Women

What did the campaign look like?

  • London only

  • 4-weeks (Sept. 2018)

  • £200,000 in value

  • 123 TVRS with 3.8 frequency

  • 3.8M ABC1 Women (1+ Reach)

Creating Charlotte Tilbury’s first TV ad

Charlotte Tilbury were able to produce their first TV ad for the concealer ‘Magic Away’ using in-house resources.

Charlotte Tilbury have their own internal creative production team who were able to shoot and produce a TV ad utilising an existing production schedule (reducing costs).

ITV then helped get the commercial regulatory approved (managing the process with ‘ClearCast’) and supplied to the relevant TV stations.


19% Increase in total orders in London (VS. 6% for the rest of England)

54% Increase in orders from new customers (VS. 30% for the rest of England)

72% Increase orders of magic away from new customers

+20% Increase in in-store sales (VS. 5% for the rest of England)

A clear correlation between website visits and TV impacts

graph tilbury.png

Website visits spiked during peak spots of the TV campaign

graph charlotte.png


The confidence to invest more and more often

Charlotte Tilbury’s journey with ITV

The regional test proved the strong hypothesis Charlotte Tilbury had for TV. Current debate is now about level of investment and time period.

Brand awareness increased whilst also converting a segment of customers that weren’t previously reached via existing digital channels

There is a strong belief at Charlotte Tilbury that TV drives both brand awareness and an immediate & direct impact on sales.

Charlotte Tilbury case study - key takeaways


Trial TV when you’re seeing diminishing returns in other channels & need to scale by reaching new audiences


Aim for growth not profit


A medium-heavy weight, 4 week regional test is more likely to generate impact than a ‘drip’ strategy nationally


Use day part, region, audience and seasonality to maximise value

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