While Co-op has been a familiar presence on local high streets for generations, in recent years it has come under increasing pressure – from a new wave of discounters as well as the increasingly aggressive tactics of the established supermarket players.  

In this context, Co-op needed to reaffirm its ‘difference’ by strengthening its position as a community driven supermarket and broaden relevance, reminding shoppers it was ‘there for them’ – wherever they were in the UK. 

From April 2018 Co-op has been activating product placement on Coronation Street – with a full shop frontage on the street and integration of key brand assets (like the Co-op bag for life) within scenes. The brand is now become a familiar fixture on the nation’s favourite street. 


14% Purchase intent has increased by 14% points over the course of the placement

79% Perception that Co-op is a brand that’s ‘involved in my community’ has increased from 63% to 79%

76% Perception that Co-op is ‘for people like me’ has increased from 63% to 76%

69% Perception that Co-op is 'a brand that is accessible’ = 57% to 69%


The placement has driven wider brand image scores

Amongst Corrie viewers we’ve seen significant increases across a series of other important measures – like trust, accessibility and quality*.


‘A brand with stores across the UK’ = 74% to 83%

‘A brand which is trustworthy’ = 60% to 73%

‘A brand that champions important issues’ = 50% to 63%

‘Has good own brand products’ = 58% to 63%


The placement has had a positive impact on purchase intent

The placement has also helped Co-op outstrip key competitors when it comes to purchase intent. Amongst Corrie viewers purchase intent has increased by 14% points over the course of the placement.

Coronation Street is all about community life and the Co-op is a retailer at the heart of local life and being close to the customer, which makes this a perfect match. Amanda Jennings, Director of Marketing Engagement

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