Trusted by trades and loved by locals since 1770, Bradfords have been proudly serving communities across the South West for 250 years.

Although popular with its core customers, Bradfords were under increasing pressure from larger competitors as well as an inflation in prices. Timber, paving and other materials were becoming more expensive driven by economic uncertainty, meaning Bradfords had to grow their brand to reach new customers and give them a reason to shop.

Bradfords objective was to gain standout to build brand awareness and grow consideration. Ultimately, driving  market share across the South West with both trade and retail audiences.

Advertising on ITV produced a direct and measurable correlation to our market growth during the same period of transmission in Spring 2022. Both our employees, and customers new and old shared positive feedback on the quality of our TV advert and also the choice of channel. This has led to the business advertising on ITV again in 2023. Paul Malloy Head of Marketing, Bradfords

To achieve its objectives Bradfords needed a media partner that could deliver mass reach within its trading area. They took advantage of ITV’s regional targeting to create a linear TV campaign to help build cost effective reach across the South West and maximise brand fame to attract new retail customers.

Alongside this, a portion of the activity was upweighted into sporting events such as the FA Cup, as this genre was identified as key in supporting its secondary aim of boosting market share with the trade audience.

The Results 

  • Website conversion rate up 47% year on year during the campaign period

  • Market share in the South West grew by 2%, increasing to 18% during the campaign period

  • 54% increase in web traffic vs previous quarter

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