Challenge & Objectives

Del Monte had long been popular with the over 50’s market, benefitting from high brand awareness and recall from the famed 1980’s ‘Man from Del Monte’ TV campaign. To broaden appeal and reach younger demographics, Del Monte teamed up with Jurassic World to create an exciting new game inspired by the successful Netflix series, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, which put Del Monte products at the heart of the online game.

The partnership involved an on pack promotion and competition giving Del Monte customers the chance to win the ultimate family holiday to Florida. Del Monte needed to raise awareness of the promotion and encourage families to play the Jurassic World game at home. For a limited time, repeat customers would be rewarded with additional features and exclusive content, therefore maximising reach amongst the target audience was key.  


Idea & Implementation

Del Monte needed to reach main shoppers as well as creating excitement amongst children, the games intended audience. Partnering with ITV, Del Monte could access key content to reach its target audience across the ITV family of channels including CiTV and ITVx. Activity was upweighted to the breakfast daypart to ensure it was reaching people when they were in the most appropriate mood state, ultimately increasing the likelihood of getting on the shopping list.

By advertising on ITV, Del Monte could tell people about its exciting promotion in a high quality and trusted environment, unlocking some of the key benefits of TV and ultimately creating demand and driving a direct response on the website. 




Years after our last TVC, we are glad we picked ITV to support us on this exciting campaign. We are very satisfied with the results and appreciate the follow up from the ITV team throughout the whole project. Thierry MONTAGNE, Marketing Director Europe and Africa

The Results 

  • Our market shares went up and ranked #1 during the TVC period, in front of our major competitors.

  • In the months following the campaign from end of Oct 2021 to end of dec 2021, we got a 18% increase in our market shares.

  • +12% users on game platform.

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