Challenge & Objectives

Many British travellers enjoy visiting the USA and are keen to explore beyond the well-trodden paths. As the American South is currently a key area of interest within the UK, Explore Georgia wanted to tap into this.

The purpose of the campaign was to share what the state of Georgia can offer visitors that’s different to the other Southern US states. Explore Georgia also needed to combat the high price perception of the USA, as well as compete with more competitively priced countries.

To summarise, the main objective of the campaign was to increase awareness of the American state of Georgia, whilst inspiring British travellers to visit the state as a part of their next holiday destination.

Idea & Implementation

Explore Georgia were looking for a media partner offering extensive reach, cost-efficient pricing and a platform to showcase video content to inspire potential visitors from the UK. Having previously experienced success through streaming and connected TV’s in the USA, Explore Georgia selected ITVX as the platform to target a UK audience. This consisted of time and cash-rich, educated American fans who are keen to explore the lesser-known areas of the USA, couples aged over 50 and empty nesters. Many of those sitting within this audience are now watching box sets in one sitting.

explore Georgia 2 .png

The campaign ran over a 6 week period in April 2023, using a bespoke combination of targeting methods. This delivered the maximum reach on a contextual level, whilst maintaining its granular core target.


Explore Georgia 3
video time: video title: Explore Georgia
To help boost the recovery of international travel to Georgia, we shifted investment in the UK – a key source market for us – toward a custom ad campaign with ITV. Despite a modest budget, the ITV platform allowed us to use the power of digital TV in combination with a digital programmatic campaign. The strategy drove highly engaged traffic to our website, connecting consumers to our visitor guide and increasing Georgia’s awareness in the UK. Mark Jaronski, Chief Marketing Officer, Explore Georgia/Georgia Department of Economic Development

The Results 

  • The campaign generated a YoY increase of 64% in web traffic from the UK to the Explore Georgia site, of which nearly all web visits were from new users.

  • There was a 67% uplift in web traffic post campaign vs the period pre campaign.

  • Web visits from the UK as a result of the ITV ads were from more engaged visitors



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