HiHi was born after years of listening to the frustrations of business phone users, with the idea to develop and build an innovative product that improved upon the traditional business deskphone. In 2015, HiHi’s first product was launched, offering a new modern business phone to the UK’s SME market.

In 2019, HiHi2 was launched, which enhanced the user-experience of the first product, while upgrading the platform and developing the deskphone further to aid remote working.

As a B2B brand, HiHi was looking to increase brand awareness as well as growing overall sales.

With the growth of remote and hybrid working following the pandemic, HiHi was aiming to attract new customers who could see the potential of purchasing a more flexible phone system for their business, while also offering an exciting cashback offer.

Though TV is often favoured by B2C brands, HiHi was keen to explore the possibilities presented by the ITV Backing Business initiative. The B2B audience is obviously smaller than its B2C counterpart, but regardless, HiHi was determined to cut through and reach new audiences and customers in their homes.

The way ahead for HiHi was find a media partner who could accommodate its appetite for expansion. The platform consideration was a no brainer. ITV has the largest share of commercial impacts and therefore HiHi considered this an excellent starting point to build scale and brand recognition.

Targeting ‘ABC1 Adults’, the ITV partnership allowed HiHi to become a regular feature on TVs in homes across the country, reaching more business owners via their screens.



“We experienced and enjoyed an uplift in new customers during the ITV Backing Business campaign, but the biggest positive was the ‘lag effect’ post campaign. We continued to receive a constant flow of leads during the following six months, and analysis tracked this to the ITV network exposure. Consideration time for purchasing a new phone system is much longer than other products, and the ITV platform helped us to reach a wide range of people who showed interest in upgrading their phone system, while increasing overall brand awareness.” Matt Watts, Head of Marketing, HiHi

The Results 

  • Website traffic to HiHi increased by 16% during the campaign.

  • HiHi saw a 11% uplift in sales during the advertising period.

  • The following six months from the campaign showed an increase in brand exposure and a steady stream of enquiries.



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