Challenge & Objectives compares holidays from all the leading package holiday providers, allowing people to find the best deal without compromising on quality. COVID heightened the need for trust in the holiday sector and the cost of living crisis has put greater importance on getting value for money. help customers navigate both trust and value, however it needed to raise awareness of its offering as a comparison site.

Operating in the travel sector, face stiff competition from established brands with large advertising budgets therefore it needed a campaign that would cut-through. wanted to target people who go on package holidays, but also those who spend time researching to find a good deal. needed to raise awareness and grow consideration for the brand, whilst also driving direct response. As a comparison website it was essential that the campaign drove quality traffic to that would convert to clicks for 3rd party holiday providers.


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Idea & Implementation needed to drive response and brand fame concurrently, therefore TV was identified as a key medium to deliver this. To inform planning, used 1st party data to profile its customers and it was clear that a significant portion of the target audience could be reached advertising with ITV. As a lapsed TV advertiser, could take advantage of ITV’s Backing Business Travel Weekly partnership, which supports brands with additional funding to help investment go further.

The campaign ran across linear and ITVX, with spots in some of the biggest reaching shows such as Love Island. also took advantage of ITVs regionality and upweighted in the regions with the greatest density of its target audience.

The performance was closely monitored and working closely with ITV, were able to optimise investment to further enhance results.

We were really pleased with the success of the campaign which met and exceeded performance expectations. This has enabled us to continually plan and optimise the campaigns to deliver measurable results." Steve Seddon CMO, Ice Travel Group

The Response

Targeting Strategy 

Brand Target 



ITV Trading Audience Bought & Campaign Delivery 

Housepersons with Children

Reaching 35% with an OTS 7


The Results

  • Cost per session improved when compared to previous campaigns by 35%

  • Click out conversion increased by 62.5%

  • Prompted awareness improved by 20%

  • All Web Sessions up 82%

  • Brand Sessions up 167%

  • Prompted awareness improved by 20%


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