Challenge & Objectives

Mackie’s is the best-selling ice cream in Scotland, with 20%+ market share and around 90% brand awareness.

In light of this, Mackie’s decided to embark upon it’s first TV campaign with ITV in order to increase brand awareness and support sales South of the border, primarily targeting ABC1 Women.

Targeting England and Wales, the campaign aimed to raise the brand’s profile, building trust and familiarity with those consumers, reducing their perceived risk of moving away from their go-to ice cream brand. 

Idea & Implementation

Mackie's 2.png

In order to achieve these objectives, Mackie’s ran a 6-week campaign using a combination of linear and VOD via ITV1 and ITVX.

Utilising the ITV1 regions, Mackie’s selected ITV1 Anglia and ran an all time campaign targeting an audience of Adults.

Simultaneously, the ITVX campaign used a programme specific approach across England & Wales, featuring programming that best converted vs an audience of ABC1 Women 35+.

The Results

We’re delighted with how our summer ITV1 campaign performed this year, which has had a strong and tangible positive impact – reflected in the sales statistics over the period against control regions. Throughout, the ITV team were a pleasure to work with’’ Angus Hayhow, Head Of Marketing


  • 20% increase in product sales YoY

  • 11% increase in UK Penetration

  • +200k new buyers of Mackie’s Product YoY

*TV was part of the wider marketing campaign   

Targeting Strategy 

Brand Target 

  • ABC1 Women 35+

ITV Addressability 

  • Programme Select – best converting programmes vs ABC1 Women 35+ based on TGI data 

Campaign Delivery 

  • ITV1 300 Adult TVRs

  • Reach vs Adults - 30%

  • Frequency - 7

  • ITVX 1.8 million impressions

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