Persimmon Homes are one of the top 3 house builders in the UK but had the challenge of increasing their brand awareness and cut-through in a competitive market, that is highly incentivising offers for first time buyers.

Utilising other media channels, such as radio and paid social, Persimmon Homes wanted to use AV to help drive response performance across all other media, whilst also increasing their awareness and consideration in the home builder category.

By using ITVX, Persimmon Homes would be able to capitalise on ITV's regional superpower, targeting areas of the UK where Persimmon Homes developments are located.

Alongside the KPI of awareness and consideration, Persimmon Homes wanted to see full funnel measurement including how ITVX would drive incremental customer enquiries on new homes.

Idea & Implementation

Being new to TV, Persimmon Homes were able to utilise ITVs Backing Business initiative, whereby ITV net match funded campaign spend, boosting their value, exposure and effectiveness. With development sites nationwide, the campaign ran nationally on ITVX, excluding London and Ulster where presence was less than other regions.

Persimmon identified segments within the house-buying market to target, from which we were able to identify the Experian Mosaic Types most efficient for the selected categories.

Running in Q1 2023, we combined full funnel measurement using YouGov BrandIndex analysis, System1 creative effectiveness testing and sales uplift via InfoSum to measure brand uplift and enquiry attribution from customers who were exposed to the Persimmon Homes campaign on ITVX.


74% Conversion rate saw a strong overall uplift of 47%, with a major defined segment rising to an uplift of 74%.

610 The campaign drove 610 incremental enquiries, leading to a projected return on ad spend of £6.45

50% Prompted consideration rose 50%, which led to Persimmon Homes rising to the top of their competitor set


Persimmon Homes 1.png

Source: YouGov BrandIndex, InfoSum

Targeting Strategy

Brand Target 

Home Movers

ITV Addressability 

Experian Mosaic Types deemed efficient for brand target segments

Campaign Delivery 

Persimmon Homes reached over 1.6 million unique users across ITVX, at an average frequency of 8 across six weeks

Working with ITV on our biggest ever marketing campaign has driven a significant and sustained uplift across the business. This has enabled us to positively scale future marketing activity. The measurement ITV was able to provide was an integral component in allowing the business to see the full funnel effect that our ITVX campaign had on overall performance Megan Bishop, Group Marketing Director, Persimmon Homes

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