Samsung is recognised as a brand with some of the highest-spec technology in its category, and their Galaxy S23 Ultra is the ultimate example of that. But often, with such a constant stream of incremental updates from competing brands launching every year, winning the spec war doesn’t always translate into brand desirability.

Whilst Samsung’s spec might win on paper, it needed to win over customers’ hearts.

Samsung wanted to create a sense of envy around its new handset with a younger audience to share the joy and possibilities its Galaxy S23 Series features could unleash.

Starcom invited ITV to create its emotional hook. Nothing creates a more positive feeling in ITV’s schedule than Saturday nights, with our effervescent talent connecting with viewers to make their weekends better.

The big idea 

ITV would work with Starcom to bring light to Saturday evenings, producing a content strand with all the fun and surprise of a Saturday night TV series and fully entwining the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra with some of ITVs most popular talent.


We chose Fleur East and Olly Murs, stars of two big ITV shiny floor shows, broadcast across the same Saturday evening. Olly was the host of singing talent show Starstruck, and Fleur assisted Ant & Dec on Saturday Night Takeaway.

We produced an episodic content series, with four ads running in advertising airtime around those two shows across March and April. Fleur and Olly set each other photo challenges using the Galaxy S23 Ultra to highlight its ‘epic capabilities’, showing how the camera gives users more freedom to explore their creativity.

Titled ‘Capture the Night’, the ads referenced Galaxy S23 Ultra’s latest ad campaign, which featured the phrase “Can you send me that?” to emphasise that users could expect to be asked the same question by their friends.

To bring the handset’s abilities to life, challenges were centred around key features of the handset, such as Night Mode (Nightography), 200MP Camera, S Pen and Object Eraser.


With London’s nightlife as our setting, the pair went dancing, go-karting, visited some of London’s most iconic sights, and competed against each other to get the best pictures.

The activities showed off the very best of the handset: from low-light images and action shots, to the ‘magic eraser’, where Fleur cheekily erased Olly from her London Eye selfie!

We finished by taking Fleur and Olly to White City’s Television Centre to show off the quality of a 200MP camera on one of the biggest canvases - the side of the building! It brought home the epic quality of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in a stunning way.


The results

  • The partnership smashed its goal, with a 10ppt uplift in Samsung’s brand consideration.

  • Olly & Fleur’s showcase boosted perceptions that “Samsung are leaders in phone cameras” by 4ppt.

  • It also cut through efficiently, with a 31% lower cost per recall point than its other TV activity.

“We view television advertising as a key medium to build awareness with customers old and new, and really deliver for the brand. Saturday night TV is a UK institution, so where better to partner than with ITV, Fleur and Olly, to ‘Share the Epic’ in homes up and down the country.” Annika Bizon, Marketing and Omnichannel Director at Samsung UK & Ireland
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video time: video title: Capture the Night

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