Objectives and Challenge 

Founded in 1939, Seabrook humbly began as a Fish and Chip shop in Bradford. After discovering their fryer could produce more than chunky chip shop chips, the first crinkle cut crisps in the UK were born. 

Despite their heritage and entrepreneurial roots, Seabrook were struggling to cut through in a highly saturated market.

They were looking for a media partner to help them achieve a number of key objectives. ITV was chosen to help them increase unprompted awareness, grow consideration whilst also improving perception of the Seabrook brand. 

Ultimately, getting more people to buy Seabrook crisps more often. 

We worked together with ITV to create a media campaign which delivered reach and frequency across our targeted regions. The ability to specifically target an audience type via ITV X allowed us to add national coverage to the campaign. Using their insight to provide us with great schedule to return to TV with after a 15-year absence Sarah Brown Marketing Manager, Seabrook

Idea and Implemention 

To achieve their objectives, Seabrook used a combination of linear and digital activity. Taking advantage of ITV’s regionality they were able to target the region’s where they have the highest distribution. ITV North was chosen to re-engage core customers living in their heartland, as well as ITV Central to support growth and expand brand reach. 

ITV X was used as a cost effective way to extend the reach of the campaign Nationally, using geo-targeting to optimise in areas around main stockists. 

The campaign was planned against an All Adult audience with an upweight towards households with children. To gain standout and ensure the campaign had maximum impact, key shows were identified and spots were secured in high profile soap and family entertainment shows. It was also important to reach viewers during prime snacking occasions and key moments were identified during the weekend and early evening. 

  • The campaign Reached 52.8% Ads with a frequency of 8.3 in the ITV1 North & Central Regions

  • Meaning over 10 .6 million people saw the campaign

  • With 2.1m VOD impressions delivered

Seabrook 2.png

The Results 

Seabrook saw an average increase of 23% on the number of units sold vs the previous 12 weeks period.

At a national level they saw a 2% increase in spontaneous  brand awareness and a 3% decrease in brand rejection.

For those who recalled seeing the advert there was a noticeable difference in their perceptions of the brand, feeling that it was a brand on the way up, that they felt involved with and one they  knew more about.

By committing to TV advertising it undoubtedly helped unlock customer feature and activity that has not been typically available to the brand previously, thereby increasing their physical presence and sales.

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