Challenge & Objectives

The objective of this campaign was to increase brand awareness, credibility and professionalism in a highly competitive market with local, regional and national companies all competing for the same audience. 


Idea & Implementation

The idea was to use ITV’s Tyne Tees transmission area to target homeowners in the area. Enhance Conservatories ran an all-time campaign on ITV Tyne Tees utilising the best of ITV's daytime and peak programming giving the schedule spots in a wide range of some of ITV's biggest shows. A local personality was used in the creative and also featured in site locations to promote it as a local brand. 

Targetting Strategy and Results


Brand Target

  • Targeting homeowners


ITV Trading Audience Bought

  • Adults


Campaign Delivery

  • Total of 169 Spots across 11 weeks.

  • Reaching over 1,500,000 Adults

  • OTS = 10.4

  • Campaign < £100k

83% Average weekly online sessions grew by 83% compared to 9 weeks prior

967 967 sessions across 1 week compared to 500 – 600 on average for other weeks

24.3%  Increase of 24.3% in sales presentations to prospective customers since the introduction of TV, demonstrating the supportive role of TV to drive sales leads.

We know that TV can drive a huge increase in clicks and impressions, especially as we can see clicks were driven from specific references to the TV advert. Our ITV campaign has exceeded all our expectations. Apart from the obvious lead generating benefit, the campaign has established our brand as a major player in the North East home improvement marketplace. Mel Gess, Sales & Marketing Director | Enhance Conservatories

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