What was the challenge?

eBay was looking at how it could reclaim its cultural significance, lead the charge in second-hand fashion and force a fundamental perception shift. But, if millions of people were going to see eBay as a destination for acquiring authentic, designer, second-hand fashion, they had to do the unexpected.

Enter eBay as the unexpected pre-loved fashion partner for Love Island.

If you want to start a movement for Gen Z, Love Island is the place that you do that. It was an unexpected partnership, but if you want to create friction in culture you have to take risks Eve Williams, GM eBay

What was the idea? 

We turned the Love Island villa into a catwalk for eBay’s pre-loved fashion, worn by the most influential models of the moment.

We activated this partnership across every possible touchpoint, but nothing compared to the impact of the Islanders themselves who were able to curate wardrobes that were infused with their own style.

What were the results?

eBay saw a 7000% increase in searches for ‘Pre-loved clothes’ on site, and a 359% increase in Google search. One item of clothing was sold on eBay every minute that the partnership was live with a 1026% increase in total listings. 

In a step-change for the fashion industry, eBay’s Head of Fashion, Jemma Tadd, was named in Vogue’s Top 25 most influential women in fashion for 2022.



What’s next?

eBay returned as the pre-loved partner for the winter 2023 season and have decided to take the relationship to the next level by becoming our headline sponsor in Summer 2023.

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