Hempura is a leading retailer of CBD Oil in the UK. It came to ITV to drive brand awareness amongst 35+ adults and create interest by driving traffic to site. Ultimately it needed a platform which would build brand trust in a new, emerging market.


The market is heavily restricted by most advertisers and marketplaces, including Google, Facebook, eBay and Amazon. Hempura had to think how to reach potential customers at scale, in a cost effective way.

Advertising on ITV would add brand ‘stature’ to Hempura and propel the brand into the mainstream, leading to an overall better perception of the brand in market.


Using the ITV Business For All initiative to support new to TV or returning brands, Hempura ran a campaign with ITV across August – November in the last week of each month.

ITV campaign created a big impact; propelling Hempura into the mainstream and driving spikes in web traffic.


57% The campaign reached 57% of all adults 35+ at least once, driving awareness of the brand which was a key objective of the campaign.

104% The campaign worked to drive traffic to site, clear spikes in traffic were reported which could be correlated back to specific adverts. Hempura achieved an average of 104% increase in new users to site week on week. Overall users on average increased by 87% week on week.

60% It was clear the campaign drove interest as the number of page views increased by 60% on average.


Overall it is the most effective and value adding form of advertising the company has undertaken so far. It very much propelled the brand into the mainstream of the area the adverts were shown.. We noticed a lot of ‘buzz’ around the brand following the adverts from customers on social media and elsewhere. Overall the campaign was a success and we are currently planning our next campaign with ITV in 2019. Lewis Hadaway, CEO, Hempura

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