The challenge 

I Saw It First was a start-up in the early stages of its growth. While it was a brand new proposition, it was fuelled by past experience – with the founders having extensive knowledge and experience in the clothing and fashion market. This meant it had agility baked in, and could stock, sell out and re-stock at an unbelievable pace.

But, it was entering a fast-fashion marketplace which was not only overcrowded but highly commoditised. I Saw It First needed to achieve cut-through and create a sense of substance and depth in the brand that would help it stand out. That's where ITV comes in.


The Insight 

After exploring the relationship between TV, social and online behaviour, we discovered that TV moments that influenced behaviour most radically were those that combined influential talent, emotional peaks and audience relevancy. For a brand that was currently harnessing the power of influencers on social, this was the golden ticket. What we also found was that the impulse to purchase during key TV moments rises and falls rapidly. This was a case of ‘see it, want it, buy it’ – amped up by the presence of influencers at scale. 

Our idea

In partnership with Love Island, ITV combined the credibility of influencer marketing with the fame of broadcast media, to create the ultimate partnership strategy for I Saw It First. I Saw It First’s product team spent time with the female Islanders before they entered the villa, to ensure they understood each girl’s specific style needs, helping them produce fantastic looks for the show-stopping dates in the series. I Saw It First was integrated into the Love Island app, helping to create a truly frictionless buying experience. 

Yewande Biala’s white floral wrap dress, worn on her first date, sold out instantly and had to be restocked twice to keep up with consumer demand. Molly-Mae’s mid-wash high waist ripped denim shorts, sold out twice within the 48 hours following the show. Most impressively, in the ten minutes following Molly-Mae’s final date with Tommy, I Saw It First sold 2,000 of her iconic yellow dresses – with a further 3000 customer requesting a back in stock email notification.

The results 

Having burst on to the fashion scene just two years ago, I Saw It First experienced a major boost in sales from its collaboration with Love Island 2019. 

“This has proven to be a fantastic opportunity for us to gain direct access to our target audience as we’ve had a quarter of a million new customers shop on site since the first episode aired."

Leanne Holmes, Brand Director

67% Helped grow monthly sales by 67%

60% Led to a 60% increase in site visits

250k Attracted 250k new customers

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