Challenge and Objective

Llama Life is a high quality insurance provider that offers quick, easy and affordable life insurance plans. They pride themselves on creating a point of difference within the life insurance category by enabling consumers to get insurance quotes in the easiest way possible. 

Llama Life were looking to target new parents and new home buyers, recognising that these key life moments can trigger consideration for insurance. However, the market is currently dominated by other brands like Vitality and Dead Happy and therefore Llama Life needed to increase their brand awareness to connect with more customers. 

The main campaign objectives were to broaden their reach to encourage traffic to their website to show what makes them different from their competitors. 


Idea and Implementation


As the largest commercial broadcaster, Llama Life recognised that advertising on ITV would help to maximise their reach with a broad audience to create maximum campaign impact. 

Leaning into ITV’s regional capabilities provided an opportunity for Llama Life to test their messaging and also measure the effectiveness of their campaign. They identified Yorkshire, Tyne Tees and West Country as the most efficient regions to reach their target audience as they have the highest propensity of Adults 25 - 40. Through the match funding initiative, Llama Life were able to draw out the frequency of their campaign, helping to increase their share of voice across the chosen regions. 

The airtime plan combined a mixture of daytime and peak spots including a variety of different programmes like Emmerdale, Doc Martin and Coronation Street. This approach enabled of combining upmarket and family programming enabled Llama Life to maximise the campaign’s awareness.


Targeting Strategy

Brand Target

Reaching an upmarket audience, homeowners and parents in Yorkshire, Tyne Tees & West Country.

ITV Trading Audience Bought

Adults 25 - 40

224% During the campaign we saw a 224% increase in traffic

70% Bounce rate decreased by 70%, which indicates high-quality traffic. This led to a bounce rate of around 2%

130% Sessions increased by 130% as more users explored their site

ITV’s Backing Business initiative enabled us to relaunch our brand to the public as scale. We were looking to build brand awareness and test our messaging and working in partnership with ITV allowed us to connect with a much broader audience which saw effective results. We’ve never considered TV advertising as we initially thought it wasn’t affordable. The matched funding from Backing Business amplified the campaign and scale of reach. We’re looking forward to building on the success of this campaign moving forwards Monte Sykes

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