“ITV BFA strongly encouraged us to take the step of TV advertising for the 1st time in a key region for our business. It made the test affordable, allowed us to gather useful data and build our brand through promoting direct sales via web & phone. I would have no hesitation in recommending it to other businesses.” John – Paul Murphy, Head of Marketing


The campaign was designed to create awareness of Macdonald Hotels as a brand and increase seasonal hotel room bookings through the website and call centre. Driving direct sales is crucial in order to compete in a landscape where Online Travel Agents are powerful and dominant.  The campaign also needed to translate the breadth of offerings within the hotels for families and upmarket couples; from luxury rooms to spa and dining options. 


Off the back of a positive campaign in STV, Macdonald Hotels wanted to replicate this in the Granada region (North West).  This is the 2nd priority area for Macdonald Hotels – having 2nd highest brand awareness after Scotland, and also a large % of customers which come from the area.  


The campaign ran on ITV Granada in both peak and daytime dayparts. The TV ad was delivered in key premium and peak programming to ensure maximum exposure in front of the target audience.  

Targeting Strategy and Results

Brand Target

  • Targeting families & upmarket couples 

  • Region tested: ITV Granada 

ITV Trading Audience Bought

  • ABC1 Adults

Campaign Delivery

  • Total of  49 Spots across 2 weeks.

  •  Reaching over 1,093,000 ABC1 Adults

  • OTS = 4.13

  • Campaign < £100k

6% Web traffic was +6% across the period of the campaign

14% Autumn campaign performance on number of room nights increased +14% vs LY

31 Overall revenue was up +31% vs LY

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