Challenges and Objectives

MG Motor UK needed a media partner to launch the new all electric ZS model in the UK.  Raising awareness of its features and low price point offering families an attractive, low cost and highly equipped electric car. The campaign supported its network of 108 franchised dealerships across the UK with success being measured by awareness levels and web site visits for the new electric car. 

MG Motor UK were aware that whilst the MG brand great heritage, its new cars appeal to mainstream drivers of family cars, and one way to reach potential buyers was through TV advertising.


Idea & Implementation

MG Motor UK recognised that to achieve the campaign objectives and reach their target audience at scale,  broadcast media was key. Partnering with ITV, MG could not only raise awareness of the new MG ZS EV model, they could also educate and inform people of the benefits of electric cars. TV is proven to build trust and normalise behavior, which were key to the success of the campaign. 

MG took advantage of ITV regionality to upweight activity in proximity to dealerships. The airtime was also planned using audience insights to target the most effective day of week. 

Targetting Strategy and Results

Brand Target

  • Broad reaching strategy across the ITV family to target Adults. 

  • Upweighted regionally in-line with dealership footprint.

ITV Trading Audience Bought

  • All Adults

Campaign Delivery

  • Cover – 68% of adults viewed commercial at least once

  • Freq – 48% viewed 3 times +

  • OTS 12.7 times

128% Website visits increased by 127% and unique web visits increased by 128%

590% Test Drive requests increased 590% and find a dealership enquires rose 114%

97% Electric vehicle sales rose by 97% YoY and the new MG ZS EV vehicle is now 3rd in the electric car category

We felt that stepping back into the world of TV would be the perfect way to showcase our first ever electric car, particularly with the support of ITV’s Business For All partnership. The campaign was a great success as we increased our sales and established MG as an electric car brand. The value added by ITV allowed us to show our advert much further and wider than previously possible, gaining the audience reach that we needed. Daniel Gregorious, Marketing Director

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