Challenge & Objectives

Established in 1921, Moulton College provides vocational and practical training courses ranging from entry to degree level. Based in the heart of the Northamptonshire countryside, they specialise in key strategic sectors of the region including; agriculture, business, food and nutrition, construction, equine, public services and sport. 

Despite offering a broad range of courses in a beautiful location, the volume of student applications were in decline. Against a backdrop of increasing competition and a disappointing OFSTED review, the college had to take action to grow applications and protect their income.

Moulton College needed a media partner with the ability to help raise awareness and grow consideration amongst prospective students and their families. Specifically targeting a key geographic, the campaign needed to drive website traffic and increase applications amongst households with children aged 12 - 17.

Idea & Implementation

Advertising on ITV enabled Moulton College to align with quality content in a premium environment. They recognised this would positively impact their brand awareness, brand image and ultimately grow applications. To achieve their campaign objectives, the college needed to adopt a targeted approach to reach prospective students who met the criteria in relation to age and proximity to the campus. The ITV Hub was the ideal solution and allowed Moulton College to advertise in a premium and trusted environment that delivered the essential targeting efficiency. 

The campaign was planned using ITV Audience+, which accurately matches Experian data to the 32m registered ITV Hub users, enabling Moulton College to create richer and precise targeting whilst reducing wastage.  Using postcode targeting they targeted households with children that live within a 45 minutes drive from the campus. 

Through this targeted approach Moulton College could maximise their media budget to reach as many potential students as possible. 

Targeting Strategy

Brand Target

Targeting households with children, living in specific postcodes within a 45 minutes driving distance from the college catchment area.

ITV Trading Audience Bought

Bespoke target demo using ITV Audience+ 

This was our first TV campaign and we are confident that the TV advertising had a significant impact on our recruitment success for this year. We are already planning for our next campaign with ITV Hub and look forward to more success in the future.’ Susan Titmus Marketing Manage


20% Overall student numbers increased by 20%

13% Applications during the campaign period were 13% higher than during the same time the previous year.

7.5% Website user numbers increased by 7.5% vs previous period

14.7% Number of website sessions increased by 14.7% vs previous period

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